Do you talk to your GPS?  I do.  I have a female American voice whose name is Jill.  And frankly, I think she has a bit of attitude when she says, “Recalculating.”  My response is usually, “Too bad, Witch (with a b).  Just do it.  Why did you want to go that way in the first place?”  I don’t know why I haven’t changed the voice in all this time.  I’ve had her for several years.  Maybe I should try British Jane for a while.  It would be worth it to see if there’s any hint of sarcasm when she says the word.  Better still, and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before, maybe I should choose one of the male voices.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  A man in the car with me!  I would probably have to comb my hair and put on lipstick before hitting the road.

This card is from Recycled Paper Greetings.  To me, an animal lover, it looks a little gruesome, but since it is cartoon style, we know that Santa, elves and reindeer will hop right up and continue on their way.  Talk to your “voice.”  It’s better than not talking at all.  I think.  Maybe.


8 thoughts on “Recalculating.

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  2. I argue with mine. Especially when I get abrupt retorts to “Turn around”. He has also been known to sulk and refuse to give directions at all!

    BTW I’ve heard through WikiLeaks There is no Santa!


  3. I am working on a post now about my adventures with my female gps system. When I am ready, may I reference this post? I think it’s great! By the way, I’ve heard a rumor that there really is no Santa. That would probably mean that there are no flying reindeer, either, though I’m not absolutely sure. So I don’t think any real characters, animal or human, were hurt in the making of this cartoon.


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