How boring if we were all alike.

I bought this card in a local shop yesterday while I was hanging out with my youngest daughter.  The minute I saw it I thought I would like to write a post about it.  Then, just a little while ago, I received notification of a post by a blogger I follow and she entitled it “Racial Profiling.”

What she wrote is so beautifully done that I don’t think I need to say more.  So I will simply recommend that you read her post.  She’s an excellent writer.  Her name is Deb and she is “The Monster in Your Closet.”  I hope you will click and read.

Pertinent notes:  As you can see the quote here is by Wade Davis.  The art is by Ann Altman SCW  Copyright 2004.  She does some lovely colorful pieces.


2 thoughts on “How boring if we were all alike.

  1. Apart from agreeing wholeheartedly with the title and loving the image, I wanted to thank you for sharing the post. I’d meant it to be a reblog of the FP entry that inspired it, but the reblog function wasn’t working; thus was this morning’s post born.

    Thank you again, both for linking in and letting me know you’d done so. I don’t think that last bit’s mandatory, but it did make me smile. 🙂


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