Taps for summer, I hope.

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.               ~Anton Chekhov

I think there is some truth in what Chekhov says but I’m also pretty sure he never lived in Charlotte.  I always feel a sense of relief when the summer starts to wane.  I’ve been watching the 5-day weather forecast like a maniacal wizard with a magic wand, thinking that I can bring on Friday’s high of 64 degrees sooner if I really focus and wave the wand energetically enough.

I love the end of summer for other reasons, too.  Life feels more comfortable when I’m in between hot and cold–it’s wonderful not having to use either air conditioning or heat.  I breathe better.  I can pull weeds and dig in the garden again.  This year I’m going to plant Swiss chard and garlic, good cold weather crops in this part of the world.  And both very nutritious.

Good bye lethargy and hello to a renewed spring in my step.  Since I was a child I have favored this time of year.  It meant going back to school.  Getting back to something I was good at.  Getting away from the craziness of my home life.  The sound of leaves crunching underfoot.  The show of breath in the chilly autumn mornings as we waited for the big orange school bus.  The splendor of the colors as our many hardwood trees change their clothing for the fall show.  Fall sports.  Youngsters bursting with energy as they hit the soccer field or the hockey field or the football field or the dance studio or the Tae kwon do mats.

This year even our family’s youngest member is dancing and playing soccer.  And yes, this also means that I am going to be seeing D and his OW at some of these events.  In fact, I saw them last weekend.  I wish I could say that it doesn’t affect me but I would be lying.  Whenever I see him it’s a mixed bag of emotions.  On the one hand it makes me a little nostalgic and I miss him all over again.  On the other hand, it’s only temporary.  I am now able to realize that even though I may feel briefly sad, I know that I couldn’t wouldn’t shouldn’t go back.  I have no desire to revisit that sort of relationship with him and for that I am grateful. And fall is almost here, life is good.

Listen to Il Silenzio.  Also known as taps.  This is an amazing rendition and a beautiful way to kiss summer good-bye.


12 thoughts on “Taps for summer, I hope.

  1. Good-bye Summer. I agree with Judith. I love Spring for many of the reasons you like this time of year. While I think we are lucky that we have four distinct seasons I would be happy with just three! Enjoy your favourite season!


  2. Autumn is a season i dearly miss. I miss the changing colors of the landscapes, i miss the engaging manner in which people get their homes ready for the approaching winter season…most of all, i miss the crisp mornings mixed with nippy evenings… Living here in the Caribbean has it’s disadvantages… missing the rest of the seasons is one of the big ones…



    • Autumn is a bit fickle in the Piedmont of NC. We had wonderful autumn days for a couple of weeks. Now it’s starting to warm up again. Only a few of the leaves have changed. Not much to look at yet.


  3. Autumn is my favorite season by far. It feels to me, in the falling of the leaves, like the ushering out of the old to allow in the new. I’m glad for that annual cycle of things, although now I’m 1,000 miles south the seasons live on in my heart instead of externally!


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