A tiny speck…

I’m concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe where science and the spiritual meet. ~ Joan Jett

This NASA photo of earth strikes awe and wonder in me every time I see it.  It seems appropriate to put it in a post and ponder its (in)significance and mine in the grand scheme of things.

It’s sobering to contemplate my smallness in the big picture.  I look at this globe and find the approximate spot I occupy on it, and it’s a little scary.  I mean, if earth is a tiny speck in the observable universe, and the universe goes on and on ad infinitum, and I’m a tiny speck on the planet; then my sum total is less than a grain of sand.

There are hypotheses that suggest that beyond our universe, there are other universes.  (Wikipedia)  I asked one of my teenagers, “What is the universe?”  She responded without hesitation, “It’s everything.”  This particular granddaughter is a woman of few words and I like that about her.  I also like her answer.  So if the universe is everything, how can there be other universes?  A better question would be, “Who cares?”  Or better yet, “How did I get myself into this deep line of questioning, and how the heck do I get out?”

I back up and I look at this remarkable picture and appreciate it for its aesthetic qualities.  It’s a work of art!  Focusing on how tiny I am does not serve me well.  Since my divorce I have felt way too small already.  I must not exacerbate the problem by comparing myself to a grain of sand.  I’m a work of art, too.  So are you.  I hope you feel like one.

So…from serious Joan Jett to fun-loving rocker Joan Jett, let’s dance and enjoy this  moment.

“I love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett



12 thoughts on “A tiny speck…

  1. You’re right, Susannah, we do matter. I think the thing I appreciate most about blogging and other bloggers is that I get reminders of my significance on a regular basis. In some things I’m a slow learner. Re-enforcement is good.


  2. I think it’s great you quoted Joan Jett. I love that song and everything you wrote rings true. We are such small beings in the greater sense of things yet we matter and have to seize our lives every day as if it were our last. I try to do this not always perfectly but it’s still worth the effort.


  3. “To the world, you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”
    Let that one person be yourself. It is amazing how empowering a little self-love is and what it can do for the self-esteem.
    I spent years seeing life through my husbands needs and, when he left me, at first I felt ‘What’s my role? Nobody needs me’ That made me feel a bit insignificant. So I am trying now to look through my own lens and I am finding there is a whole world out there I didn’t know existed before – the world of me.


  4. Can I just say Joan Jett is the kiddy. I have fond memories of this song. I could never do the rock chick thing, but hey we can all dream. As for the ‘grain of sand’ look at the flip-side of this. I remember feeling this and then one day walking in the hills I realised I was soooo small in this great wilderness and suddenly I felt a huge weight lift off me. I was just a wee person in this world. I didn’t have all the answers and I didn’t have broad enough shoulders to take on all of the problems (neither in my life of that of the universe). I can’t say I always hold on to that feeling but I can always go back to that walk and the feeling I had and do you know it felt pretty good to feel like such a wee person within our Universe. Being wee doesn’t mean you aren’t powerful. Here’s to Joan Jett and bringing back memories. Great post – thank you.


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