Chasing the sunset.

When the weather is very hot I stay inside more than I like because I don’t tolerate high temperatures and humidity well.  Toward the end of the day I start to get antsy, even agitated.  When that happens I make up an errand of some sort and head out.  I trumped up a  need for a gadget at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I was driving in a southwesterly direction when I realized I was staring at a magnificent sunset.  I took the shot above with my cell phone in the parking lot.  The store didn’t have the item I was seeking so I left the store fairly soon.  Wow!  The sunset was getting better.  I decided it would be even more beautiful over the lake in a nearby park so I hopped in my car and sped off.

Here’s what I saw when I got to the park.  I had to balump balump over the speed bumps in order to get there before the sun disappeared.  Whew!  Just made it.  I’ll probably need a new front-end alignment for my trouble and haste.

In addition to the fabulous sunset, some goofy geese posed for me at water’s edge.


15 thoughts on “Chasing the sunset.

  1. Very nice… I’m a big fan of sunsets and fireworks too for some reason, they always catch me. Nice pictures, and I sympathise, the weather is very hot here too, and nights are not much fun, with two fretful children needing a drink or feeling too hot or whatever… 🙂


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