Love is strange.

WGASA got flocked in Raleigh. What fun!

“In real love you want the other person’s good.  In romantic love you want the other person.”  —Margaret Anderson

I was talking with a young friend this evening.  We haven’t talked in a while so I was happy to hear from her.  She is in her third month of bed rest as she awaits the arrival of her third child.  I had told her earlier to check out my blog if she got too bored.  She did. I stressed the young because I’m  amazed at the wisdom she often displays when we discuss life topics.  I was telling her that my ex is getting married.  And that now when I see him I do a sort of mental double take and I wonder exactly what it was that I liked about him.  She said, “Your D and the fiancée’s D are two entirely different people.”  And that’s it exactly.  If I were meeting him today for the first time, I doubt I would give him a second thought, or glance.  And I have to admit that I truly believe I got the better D.

Based on the above quote I have graduated to a higher level or something like that.  I have realized that I don’t want him any more.  At least that’s how I’ve felt lately.  And I’m trying and planning to keep that thought.  I want him to be healthy and happy.  I’m trying really hard to get honest with myself.  I realize that I’ll probably have times when I curse both of them again because my progress is not a steady thing.  It bounces around like a rubber ball, especially if I start to feel lonely.  I have to remember that bad company is worse than no company.  I must embrace my aloneness and not let it become loneliness.

And that’s what I’ll do.  I mean it!


2 thoughts on “Love is strange.

  1. Hi Pat,
    Our history is different but I can relate to your up and down emotions. Weird to say but I’m actually looking forward to my “alone” time should my marriage end in divorce. I admire your independence(!) and its a sign of healthy healing when you start wishing the ex-spouse well….continue that thread and all good things will come to you. 😉


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