A Stella(r) day!

Stella – originates from Latin; means “star”

Stella is my youngest grandchild, a kindergartner.  Her other grandmother Nana has been very ill.  We wanted to do something special for Nana.

We bought a cedar bird feeder which was very nice in its  natural state, but Stella and I love color.  She took one look and informed me that she wanted it to look like a rainbow.  She selected her colors and got to work.

Stella’s dedication to the project was inspiring.  She painted and painted, never complaining.  I asked her after a time, “Are you getting tired?”  She told me she was very tired and she needed me to rub her back.  I gave her tiny shoulders a brief massage and she went right back to work.

“When we finish,” she said, “I want to go to the Fall Festival.”  And so we did.

First we visited the “bouncey house” (I don’t know what it’s really called.) and let her bounce out some of her pent-up energy.  She had sat for a long time.

OK, I looked it up.  It’s called an inflatable bounce house.  I like my version better.  🙂

We got her a purple balloon dog on an orange leash.  Then a couple of sparkle tattoos.  She had an Italian ice.  I passed.  She painted a face on a pumpkin, but we forgot to go back and get it after the paint had dried.  I thought of it later but didn’t mention it to her; didn’t want to ruin our wonderful day.  I wonder if she’s remembered yet.

We visited the petting zoo twice.  Stella was fearless around the animals, but she confessed to me that she was a little scared of the goose.  It was a beautiful goose with curly feathers.  Someone commented that she looked like a bride in all her finery.  Her honk was the loudest I’ve ever heard.  I can see why it scared Stella.

Stella’s favorite was one of the rabbits.  She said its fur felt like Lulu’s.  She sat down beside the rabbit cage and put her hand through the wire and stroked the little captive for a long time.

I’ve been thinking about the petting zoo today.  If Susannah had been with us, I know what she would have done.  She would have been very vocal about the poor conditions the animals live in, and about the obvious inadequacies in their care.  She has a huge heart for animals and people, especially when she sees them being mistreated.

I’m not going to enumerate the problems I saw simply because this is about a happy day with my little girl.  And it was a happy day!

See Stella’s beautiful finished rainbow bird feeder below.