The little things.

A haircut at last.

Never would I have imagined that during a pandemic something as simple as needing a haircut would be the straw that would break the camel’s back. I could not keep my growing tresses out of my face. I tried clips, bobby pins, barrettes, spray, foam, and gel. Nothing worked. It was maddening. I couldn’t do anything without stopping to blow, brush or pin my stray locks. Finally, this week, I got a much needed haircut. It’s hard to explain why I’m so happy about this very short hair but I am. I just am!

I have adjusted fairly well to the big issues. I enjoy having my groceries delivered. I may continue to enjoy not doing this chore after the crisis ends. It’s worth the extra cost. And the people who do the job need the work and the tips. This morning my shopper was Miguel from the Basque region of Spain. He told me his sister and I have the same name. I enjoyed our conversation.

I miss visiting and talking with neighbors and friends. We see each other at a distance and wave or shout out a greeting. Still I miss the face-to-face conversations. I miss our lunches out. I miss book club. But we are surviving.

The biggest difficulty I have in isolation, though, is the inability to visit and hug family. We are coping by making good use of texts and phone calls but nothing can compensate for birthdays and celebrations with family. I need hugs. If you live alone, as I do, I bet you do too.

Hang on. This can’t last forever.


7 thoughts on “The little things.

  1. How I feel for you, Pat! All the little personal things of course, but especially hair. Mine seems to grow visibly by the day. I did manage to get it cut at the end of June, and asked the hairdresser to cut into a chin-length bob shape. It’s now almost to my shoulders and I have hacked at my fringe (bangs in American) so that at least I can see through it. Next week I’ll have a ponytail again!

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  2. I have an appt on Monday for hair – haven’t been since January!!! I am a gray, long, frizzy mess!

    We have been doing Zoom for book club. It really works great. I couldn’t not see these birds of a feather once a month (sometimes more!)

    Also, lots of FaceTime and Marco Polo with family and friends. All can be done on the phone. These three apps have saved this extrovert!

    God bless you Pat!

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  3. Glad you got your haircut, Pat. I usually get mine cut every 3-4 weeks and went almost 5 months, so totally understand. We have been doing our own food shopping and have relaxed enough to be around family. I am actually going to supervise their virtual education for Darren and Mark’s sons so they won’t be home alone. Both are 13! Will is an only child. Dylan has a sister but she is starting hight school in a really nice private school and they are going in person.
    Hope you can be with family very soon.

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    • Good for you for helping out with the grands. I’m glad I’m not needed for that. I called Stella yesterday and asked how her first day of online learning went. She told me it was good. I asked her what was her favorite thing about it. I was thinking she would tell me she could do it at home. Instead she said, “Hmmm. I think having 10 minute breaks between classes is really good.” Love that kid.


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