Let’s stop the insanity. Vote blue!

(Old) white men are scrambling to keep control of something/anything.  Their minds are closed to the notion that women, young people, members of other cultures, anyone different from themselves can manage banks or run the government or operate machinery or, heaven forbid, be President of the United States.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, “I’ve had it!!!” THIS PATRIARCHY MUST GO. WHITE PRIVILEGE MUST GO.

Is there anyone out there who believes that our country would be falling apart at the seams right now if Hillary Clinton had won the election? I certainly don’t. Did we even come close to such dysfunction with President Barack Obama. Absolutely not.

I’m stunned several times a day at the total chaos and incompetence emanating from Donald Trump’s White House. I’m sure there’s more garbage since I last looked, but after realizing that he really is having a major rally in Tulsa today, I haven’t had the courage to look at the news. How many Covid cases will we reap from that fiasco. Makes me sick to think about it.





8 thoughts on “Let’s stop the insanity. Vote blue!

  1. I do believe he is continuing to prove his incompetence and narcissism, but the most troubling is the people who support him. They won’t just disappear when he is defeated in the election.


    • I agree, Kathy. I think it was Ezra Klein who recently wrote that we should not under estimate his fan base. He could win a second term. I’ve already requested a mail-in ballot for November.


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