Clever insults.

8 thoughts on “Clever insults.

  1. I love those quick wits. There are lots of quotes from Winston Churchill that always make me laugh. I strongly suspect that he did not actually say all of them but they are fun to read. Like you I cannot bring up these quips on the spot. They come to me when it’s too late.


  2. I would love to gently place this insult into a conversation at some appropriate time! I’m not sure I could pull it off, but maybe if I kept a smile on my face while saying it? 🙂


  3. Cat and Kathy, I was trying to coordinate my iPad with my MacBook and accidentally posted this prematurely. To say I’m technologically inept would be an understatement. And Cat, you’re right, Shakespeare was the master insulter. Love this one from Mary Engelbreit’s calendar for 2018.

    I’m going to let this post stand and see how much reaction I get.


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