Writing down the sound bites…

There is too much garbage wandering in and out of my consciousness to make sense of it. The sad thing is the junk in my brain is coming straight from #45’s White House. Each day, before I have assimilated the previous day’s craziness, something new and more frightening comes down the pike.

I read somewhere on social media that we protesters/dissenters should write a list of concerns about our so-called leaders at the end of each day. Seriously? If I did that I would be more depressed than I am already. It’s impossible to keep up. The wee-hour tweets alone are enough to drive me over the edge.

Can my sense of humor get me through this? I can usually find humor in almost any situation, no matter how dire. And I have lived through some tough times. The best I can do is catch a smidgen of humor however brief and try to keep hopeful that we will soon begin the impeachment process.

img_1524Will the real President 45 please stand up? Hold on. He’s trying. Whoops. Try again.

I’m trying to make a joke here but it’s falling flat even for me. There is just nothing funny about Bannon being Trump’s mouthpiece. He’s the puppet master and 45 is the ideal puppet. I can’t laugh about that. Bannon scares the hell out of me.

Then there’s Kellyanne. img_1522-2I must admit I did get a good laugh when I saw her Inauguration Day outfit. It’s been well documented and she’s never going to live it down. I kept singing “Send in the Clowns.” (Sorry Judy Collins)

Though I still giggle every time I see a photo of her in her patriotic duds, I cannot help feeling anger and pity for her. She’s sold her soul to the devil. Her evasive style of speaking and her alternative facts are recorded for posterity. Her progeny will read it and weep.

How can a woman as intelligent as she is prostitute herself in this way? I have no answers. I’ll continue to mute the sound on my television whenever I see her face on the screen.

There’s nothing funny about our self-imposed immigration crisis. I won’t even try.

I think I will have to rely on my favorite satirist Andy Borowitz to give me a laugh or two as I struggle to make sense of our floundering nation. This quote from is him is not funny but it gives me a scintilla of hope. And I can count on him to make me laugh soon. Probably before the day is over. Thanks, Andy.img_1526


8 thoughts on “Writing down the sound bites…

  1. I can’t understand how he was able to fool so many voters. I thought they would see through his loud-mouthed meandering. I certainly did. And you’re right, Cat, “insane and dangerous.” I’m seriously stressed. God help us indeed.


  2. You’re so right about not being able to find the humor in much of anything right now. It really is overwhelming. One thing about Kellyanne that seems telling to me. She has lost so much weight in just one month. She looks gaunt and unhealthy and although she did indeed sell her soul I think she’s paying a physical price. In my lifetime I have never been more aware of the importance of “We the people…” The stakes are so high!


    • I tend to feel sad for Kellyanne, too. I think she’s paying physically and emotionally. I can’t imagine any woman voting for him, let alone working as closely with him as she does. If she doesn’t quit her job soon she’s going to crash. Every time I see her on TV the circles are worse and her cheeks more sunken.

      We the people have to keep up our vigilance and our protests. My concern is that there’s so much to dissent about that it will wear us down. Several items every day. We must remain vigilant!!!


    • i thought about the March of the Wooden Soldiers–something like that. She would fit right in with my daughter’s collection of beautiful wooden nutcrackers. and maybe that’s an apt identification of #45 as well….. I really could not believe my eyes on that fateful Friday, when i noticed this red hat bobbing around in the crowd and then here she was–full frontal! Amazing! The speed of change just takes my breath away.


      • That’s a good image, too, Jan. I’m surprised I didn’t think of that. I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen “Nutcracker.” Two of my dancing granddaughters were in it year after year. The speed of change is a bit frightening, isn’t it?


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