Politics on Facebook.

donkey_elephantEvery day I observe political postings on Facebook. I think that’s okay. I don’t mind seeing people promoting the candidates they like.  I do it too. Perhaps too often.   My theory, though, is that anyone who doesn’t care for what I post can block me or block a particular group that I’m prone to posting fairly regularly. I block occasionally. I have done so a few times recently.  Sometimes I delete the dissenting comment and carry on.  My opinion is just that — an opinion.  Please know that I have done a great deal of research before deciding whom I’m supporting.

When I first signed on to Facebook I gleefully jumped into the fray believing that surely the person who posted was longing for my thoughts on the matter. It took me longer than it should have to realize the poster probably didn’t want opposing  comments.  I learned much more quickly that I didn’t want them. That begs the question, “Why post political propaganda if no response is required?”

I’ve thought about this a great deal during our never-ending political season.  I believe it is human nature to want to voice our choice for a given political office. It feels that way to me and I’m obviously not alone.  It’s probably also natural to want to express our views on the candidates we oppose.  But maybe we should do that in our own space.

I’m still trying to figure out FB etiquette.  As far as I know there’s no guide to help me on my way. That means I am left trying to do unto others as I would like them to do unto me.  I’m not always successful but I try.

I dislike giving space on my site to dissenting views.  I’m a Democrat and I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.  I neither want nor need anyone to tell me I’m nuts for doing so.  And I’m assuming  they don’t want me to write in their space that I think they’re crazy for voting for one of those bloviating loose cannons running on the Republican ticket.

One more thing.  If either of the two GOP front-runners should be elected, the US, and indeed, the rest of the world will be in deep doo-doo. That’s my opinion.

Note: This is a blog post not a Facebook post. Dissent if you wish.


14 thoughts on “Politics on Facebook.

  1. Hi Pat, I just noticed that this was posted a year ago and yet I related to it just as much today. My sister and I have just agreed that FB is not good for us as sisters who have very different views. We’ll touch base by phone and stay off the politics. I hold your position that our timeline is for us to share our ‘opinions’ and not for a full-blown confrontation. I had requested that my sister respect that boundary, without much luck. “If I have to look at the nonsense you post for the next four years without commenting then you might as well unfriend me.” Her words as a Trump voter. I didn’t vote for either Dem or Rep candidate. So, I agree with her and now we’re still sisters and not friends on FB. 😀


  2. Pat,
    what I get SO angry about is when people say, “Delete me from Facebook if you’re voting for so-and-so,” and I’m thinking, isn’t that what Democracy is? Can’t we have our own opinions? What? How ignorant.

    It’s about “RESPECT.” And I demand this on my facebook page and my blog. I mean, it’s our space, right?

    Aren’t I on Facebook w/ you?!!!

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  3. No dissent from me. In spite of my husband’s assertion that I can give advice on any subject, I have nothing to help you with FB etiquette guide. I am one of the last remaining holdouts.

    So glad to see you posting again.


    • Hi NCMW. I can certainly understand your choice to stay away from FB. We have a private family site where we share travel plans and other info that we don’t care to share to the common site. And now that I have reconnected with cousins and other crazy people from my past, I don’t think I should drop it. It can be a huge consumer of time with nothing to show for it. Well, it dose of guilt for wasting time is what I get from it.

      Thanks for reading.


  4. It’s always good to read your opinions, Pat, whether on FB or your blog. You are able to put into clearly articulated words, what I am thinking!! I do sometimes just have to share a post, but try to do so only when I truly believe it important and respectful. Facebook has connected me with some wonderful old friends and even with some family members. But it is challenging not to be negatively affected by some people’s points of view! Keep up the good work, my sister!!


    • Thanks, Kathy. I appreciate your comments. You’re always kind. You always have been. You’re right about the negative thinking that abounds on FB. I find myself going for extra short walks after spending time mulling it all over. It can definitely be depressing.

      We are sisters, aren’t we? In many ways.


  5. I tend to be quite cautious about discussing my political leanings anywhere on the web. If you look at my latest blog post, which discussed the way both Christian and Muslim individuals can quote their scriptures to support horrific acts, you will see that a dialogue emerged in the contents that was more aggressive and abusive than anything I’ve known before. As you know me, you will know my position was tempered and moderate ( I hope ) but a nerve was touched and all hell broke loose. By and large I keep away from anything religious or political for that very reason.

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    • Hi Peter. I think you’re wise to use caution with political leanings. I take my politics seriously but I would never abuse another others for what they believe. I saved the email that announced your last couple of posts, but I haven’t read them yet. I shall go now and take a look. I can’t imagine your writing inspiring wrath. Sorry that happened.

      Sometimes I think our grandparents’ advice was sound. “Never discuss politics or religion in polite company.” Unfortunately I’m too opinionated and strident to follow that adage.


  6. Quite right. FB is not the place for political or religious discussions, and although I have been horrified by some of the views my friends have posted there I have managed to refrain from getting into discussions with them. Good to see you back!


    • Agreed, Catterel. I try to use just my site for my opinions. Like you, I have learned to avoid a Facebook set-to with those who have what I consider distasteful comments.

      I read your “Musical Chairs” post yesterday. I enjoyed it. Can’t believe your mother will be 100. That’s awesome!

      I’m starting to have an inkling I should get rid of some “stuff.” I probably should do it before I get a stair lift. Actually I’m still having a discussion with myself about whether to sell my house and get something smaller and without stairs, or to install a stair lift. Today I think I’ll stay here. Tomorrow? Who knows?

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      • If you are going to downsize. do it before you get to 75! I was in my mid-sixties, and it was very tough – I don’t think I’d want to deal with that now. And I also thought of the stair problem – bought a ground floor flat with wide doorways (in case of needing a wheelchair).


        • My first downsize was in my mid sixties when my divorce came along and upset the apple cart. It was very tough and I bought a too large house to accommodate my “stuff.” Bottom line, I didn’t know what I was doing.

          After my accident in October, 2014, I said I would downsize and buy a one-story something. Then I remembered how hard I had tried to find such a house when I bought this one. They simply weren’t available. I shopped for six months.

          It’s been a year and a half since my fall and I’m just now starting to feel almost normal physically. I’m 73. I can’t even make myself think about moving right now. I’m slowly (very slowly) getting rid of unnecessary items so my daughters won’t have too much of a clean up when I kick the bucket.

          Despite it all, I’m happy and upbeat — one day at a time.

          Thanks for your input, Cat. Shared experiences will help us on our way.


  7. Hello! I was so happy to get your email. I havent heard from you in ages and was wondering how you were doing. I feel like I know you so well and I always enjoy your messages.
    I never write or respond to anything political on facebook. I try to stay away frim arguments and opposing views, etc. My political views are personal and share them with close friends. I try to respect everyones political views and I hope they respect mine!


    • Thank you, Jeanette, for reading my post and for thinking about me. I was shocked when I realized I hadn’t written since November. I have had dozens of posts circle around in my brain over the months. I just couldn’t find the focus to sit down and write. I hope the dry spell is over. It’s good to hear from you.

      I agree with what you said about political views. (See my response to Peter above.)


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