Going home.

pavilionI’m going home tomorrow. I’ve been away since October 19. I wish I could tell you I’ve been on an extended vacation. But I have not. I’m happy, however, to report that I can chuckle  as I take a moment to remember the dreamlike haze of many of the nights I spent here under the influence of drugs, given to me to help dull the pain enough for me to sleep.

I hope to write more about the use of drugs to manage pain. That will have to be a future post. This post must be short because I’m tired, sleepy (but can’t sleep). I’m both excited and scared about being home again. You see, my home, my safe haven betrayed me and took me down back in October. Or maybe my body was the betrayer. Maybe it was a combination of the two.

Just after midnight on October 19, I had insomnia and so I decided to get up and go downstairs. Sometimes moving to the couch allows me to doze off and sleep for the rest of the night. I managed to descend about four steps when suddenly I found myself skiing down the stairs at an olympic pace. I still don’t know quite how it happened.

I sustained several injuries — the worst being multiple fractures in the sacrum. I was fortunate enough to get my hand on my cell phone and was able to dial 911. (In the US that’s the call to report an emergency.) The service is quite good. I heard the siren start almost immediately.

So, I have spent the last 40-something days in the hospital, and then the rehabilitation center.

I’ve missed reading your blogs and hope to get back in touch soon as I work my way back to I’m not sure what. I thinking a full recovery with lots of determination and patience. Oh, and therapy. Communicating with all of you in the meantime will become a part of my emotional therapy, I’m sure.

And life is still good.


19 thoughts on “Going home.

  1. Patience and determination. Definitely the keys to recovery. And you are a woman possessing both of those. So glad you are home and healing.


  2. Oh dear, Pat ! I wondered why you were so silent. I can only imagine the ordeal you’ve just gone through, and feel glad things are looking up… Hope that being back home helps speed up the recovery, and that you’ve got people to look after you. xoxo


    • Hi Lady E. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how rapidly I got stronger once I got home. It’s good to hear from you. I’m trying to catch up with the bloggers I love to read–that includes you. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad to know you are home by now and I hope you are doing well. Bob and I will continue to hope and pray for your continued recovery. Also hoping that you are having continued rehab at home if needed.. Love you.


  4. Well it says a lot about you that can laugh in a way about that experience. I’m so glad the emergency services are good over there. In the UK they are a little more varied in your response times, and you might have had to wait a little longer for that lift. Most of all I am pleased that you are properly on the mend. I hope to hear more from you soon 🙂


  5. Oh dear, Pat! So sorry to hear about your injuries, that’s no fun.I wish you a very, very speedy and complete recovery, no pain and no more drugs (they can be worse than the pain!). Blessings and healing prayers for you.


    • So glad you are coming back home! Even though you weren’t far from home, I will feel better knowing you are again, just right around the corner! As I’m sure you will feel a world better being in your own home. Butterscotch missed her walking partner as did I, so hoping for a continued recovery so we can resume our walks and most importantly, our conversations! Hugs!


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