Small (and large) comforts see me through.

I had my second corneal transplant yesterday. My left eye seems to be progressing at about the same rate as the right one did back in I’m not one to quote the Bible but I can’t help thinking about the verses in 1st Corinthians 13 about first seeing dimly and then seeing clearly. I could hardly see through the haze at all yesterday. Today I’m seeing better, though still through a veil. In a few days, if I progress as I hope to, I will see clearly.

This is nothing short of miraculous. I find myself feeling tremendously grateful to the donors who cared enough about others to make their organs available in the event of their demise. It’s a generous and forward-thinking and liberal act.

And it’s impossible to appreciate the donors without thinking and wondering about the families and friends they have left behind. I don’t need to meet them but I wish I were able to send a thank-you note for this remarkable gift that is my much-improved sight. I thank you most kindly.

Also, to my family and friends who so graciously give your time and love and transportation in order to make my way easier, I give you my thanks and my love.

And I mustn’t forget Lulu aka Baby who snuggles with me and comforts me when there’s no one else here to do


18 thoughts on “Small (and large) comforts see me through.

  1. I’m hoping you still check your blog…miss hearing from you and since I have just finished Anne Lamont’s latest, Simple Victories, I wanted to share how great it is. There are some oldies, like Ham of God, but some new essays that are great. She’s the writer I’d long to be.

    Hope all is well. I think of you.

    Warmest regards, Susannah


  2. So glad that your vision is improving, and hope it will soon be completely satisfactory. And yes, it is a blessing that so many people are willing to let their “spare parts ” continue to serve a useful purpose. Sending healing hugs xx


  3. Been thinking about you, wondering how you are doing, so it’s good to know you are ok. If you need someone (other than Miss Lulu to give you some TLC, please call or text 🙂 Making an apple cake tomorrow, if it turns out ok, I’ll bring some by. Love you! Melissa


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