I (heart) San Francisco.

I have nine grandchildren. Anyone who reads my blog or has ever met me knows this fact about me.photo-61 Being a grandmother is my best job yet. As each grandchild graduates from high school, I try to take him/her on a trip. Last year I took grandchild #3 to San Francisco. (I wrote about it here.) This year grandchild #4 requested the same trip. I think, initially, the attraction of the City by the Bay is its frequent presence in television programs and movies. I’m happy to report, though, that there is a great deal more depth than that in today’s youth and once they find themselves in the city, they are as captivated as I am by the history, the art, the people, et al.

Flowers, flowers
everywhere, we should have worn some in our hair.


Chinatown is a must. We went there twice. The colors, the smells, the lanterns, the people. photo-44 photo-45Wonderful.





Some people told us not to miss Pier 39, others told us it was nothing but an amusement park. I disagree with the latter. It’s much more than that.photo-52 One of my granddaughter’s favorite things there was observing the sea lions from above.photo-62 There was one grumpy old fellow (or gal) who defended his territory with a vengeance. Fascinating to watch.

The only thing Iphoto-43 saw that gave the pier an amusement park feel was the carousel. We didn’t ride it but it has some imaginative and interesting animals for those who are so inclined.

photo-46I don’t know why I’m fascinated by the piano-playing stairway, but I am.photo-60 On the left is a photo of granddaughter #3 playing us a lively tune. On the right is this year’s traveler doing the same.

There’s a wonderful produce kiosk on the pier. Fresh fruits and vegetables galore.photo-59  photo-58Ranier cherries and freshly picked strawberries. Does life get any better? Yum!

Almost everyone who goes to San Francisco wants to visit the crookedest road in the country, or so they say. It’s very difficult to get a good shot of the curviness of the road with a phone camera. photo-42I was intrigued by this fairytale-like entry to one of the houses on Lombard Street so I’m showing you that instead.

We had lunch in Sausalito–best crab cake I’ve ever eaten.photo-63

Last year we didn’t make it to Haight Ashbury. I’m happy to say we went there this trip. I, being an old hippie, enjoyed that part of the trip more than my daughter and granddaughter did. photo-47It was (and still is) much romanticized. Truthfully, the only thing I find romantic about it is some of the architecture. photo-49I like the painted ladies. Many of them are being well cared for now and are simply lovely to look at. I think my travel buddies enjoyed the “ladies” too. And H (age 18) loved the huge music/poster store on Haight Street.

I went “heart” seeking again this year. I wrote about the hearts last year so I won’t repeat myself. I will leave you with a photo one of my favorite this-year hearts along with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.photo-54



8 thoughts on “I (heart) San Francisco.

  1. First off, I’m glad you wrote this morning because it made me come here and what a delight. It looks like a travel book. I remember the trip last year.
    These kids must be thrilled to have a granny like you. Sea lions, the murmurs of Haight Ashbury…I can hear you telling her its history. It’s also Anne Lamott country…doesn’t she live in Marin County? And Robin Williams comes to mind…sigh…loved the whole thing 🙂


  2. What a wonderful thing to do with your grandchildren to celebrate graduation! I think that’s a fabulous family tradition. We’re going to be in San Francisco next weekend and won’t be there long, but always find a new and interesting corner to enjoy. I can’t wait until my grandchildren are old enough I can travel with them. I have the same reaction to Haight-Ashbury as you do. I think anyone from the 60s can’t help but smile at the memories. 🙂


  3. Hi Cat. It doesn’t seem to change much over the years. It’s quite small (in area) for a city with a large population. It’s area is smaller than Charlotte where I live. I don’t know if that makes a difference but I can see that it might. They don’t have room to grow out so they have to make do with where they are. And they seem to have a strong sense of their history. They have long been preserving the old buildings in the city. We don’t have a very good handle on that notion here.

    I don’t know whether I’ll ever get back. I let the kids pick where they want to go. Next year’s graduate wants to go to Massachusetts. She went to San Fran recently with her parents. We’ll see.


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