A bump in the road.

Finding myself in the middle of a 20-degrees-cooler-than-average day in Charlotte in June is like coming upon an oasis in the desert and realizing it’s not a mirage.photo-32 I’m enjoying a slow, steady rain and plenty of time to read or play or eat frozen yogurt or almost anything I  choose on a pleasant day like this.

This is the kind of day when I would enjoy a walk in the rain. Notice I said  that I can do almost anything I want. Unfortunately, my outdoor activity is somewhat restricted by my fairly new ortho boot. I wouldn’t want to get it wet. (Imagine a wry smile here.)

Early last week–in the middle of the night–I fell and re-injured my already compromised and seriously bum ankle. Have you ever walked to the foot of the stairs, thought you had reached the bottom, and then realized, “Uh-oh, I wasn’t at the bottom yet.” I don’t recommend it. I’m sorry to admit that I’ve done it more than once. This time was the worst. though.

As it turns out, I sprained my ankle and apparently gave a bit of a twist to the knee. I also fractured a navicular bone in my upper foot.photo-33 It’s a small bone and not too serious. My knee came through it with no damage. The boot is for the ankle and it holds aforementioned bone in the proper place while it heals.

I’ve learned that I can do most indoor chores and activities if I wear the boot. I’m allowed to sleep without it.

So here I sit–healing–in mind, body, and spirit. And that’s why I’m so happy about the weather, even more glad than usual. I can sit on my front porch and read while I listen to the rain. I can elevate my foot on the railing and think positive, feel-good thoughts for myself and for “all God’s creatures.” Hope the snakes stay away.

As my doctor said, “This is just a bump in the road.”



17 thoughts on “A bump in the road.

  1. Ok, not good on the foot injury front, told with your normal gutsy humour, but great on the weather and porch front: that sounds really nice and restful and soothing. Every cloud, as they always say, has a silver lining. Always nice to see a post from you


    • Thanks, Caroline. I’m definitely taking advantage of that “cast iron” excuse. And there are advantages being unable to drive. My BFF picked me up for lunch today. Tomorrow my other chauffeur (my daughter) will drive me to Chapel Hill to my granddaughter’s high school graduation. I’m grateful for good family and good friends and neighbors.


  2. Yes, I’ve done the same thing! But fortunately, I didn’t seem to hurt my foot or ankle enough for a boot. I’m sorry you are laid up, but I also think that sitting and using the time to rest and contemplate can be a very big benefit. I hope this isn’t too inconvenient and that you heal quickly and well, but in the meantime, take advantage of the added resting time. And enjoy the cooler than average weather! 🙂


  3. I have not found out yet why my body doesn’t seem properly balanced while I’m walking or descending stairs. Walking down stairs on my own I have to grab the side railing. I am always grateful for any kind of railing or a helping hand. When I was younger and fitter I sometimes had this problem with the bottom step. Not any more! 🙂
    With your positive attitude, dear Pat, I am sure you’ll soon be all right again. But be very careful with the steps in future! I think as we get older, we just have to slow down a little bit. However we should aim at keeping as mobile as possible.
    It’s great that you were fitted with these marvellous shoes. As soon as the sun shines again, maybe you can go then for some walks outside?


    • Hi Uta. I agree that we have to slow down some. I don’t like it though, do you? I am fortunate that I don’t have balance problems (knock on wood :)) For what it’s worth, I do always hold the handrail. This time I went down anyway.

      My walking buddies, Melissa and Betty, have been wonderful. They don’t ask, “What can I do?” They just come in and do. They’ve iced down my ankle, taken me to the doctor, and brought me food. Wonderful friends. I am blessed and life is good.


    • Hi Elizabeth. You do that too? I agree with Cat that there’s probably a study out there to explain it. If not, there should be. I’m more easily distracted than I used to be. As I descend the stairs, I’m almost always looking at the room below or the camera for the alarm system or whatever. In other words, i’m simply not paying attention. I hope I’ve learned my lesson.

      I do have a pleasant view. It’s just the neighborhood and houses, but Charlotte is known for its trees and flowers and in the rain everything looks intensely green. Good for the soul.


    • Thanks, Brendita. I seem to be healing well. If I could find a left shoe that sits as high as my boot on the right foot, I would walk better. That irregular gait can’t be good for my other joints. But life is good.


  4. Oh dear, Pat – that is so easily done, and I’ve missed that bottom step more times than I care to remember. i bet someone somewhere has done a study on why it happens! Do enjoy putting your feet up and not feeling guilty for not going out in the rain – and get well soon- Hugs xx
    PS Glad you don’t have to sleep in the boot!


    • Hi Cat. I guess I’d have to say I’m a little relieved to know that others also miss the bottom step. At least I know I’m not alone. It’s a little scary, though, to know there are so many of us headed for a crash. I am enjoying putting my feet up and reading to my heart’s content.


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