Updates, discoveries and funnies.

I used the weather as an excuse to skip my walk this morning.  It rained all night–hard.photo-18 I know this because I woke up several times. That’s another excuse for not walking. Too little sleep.

I dreamed between spurts of wakefulness. I can recall this morning what I think was a brief encounter with my ex. Simpler times.  We were together, doing mundane tasks, together. Talking. Smiling. There was no anger, no angst. I would like to think my level of acceptance has risen to higher ground. I’m at peace.

I must say, though, that I am not quite so peaceful about my eye. Excited but not quite settled. I still wear a guard over my eye at night. That’s probably one reason for the wakefulness.  I’m still putting drops in my eye three times a day.  That’s down from four times.  And it’s one medication instead of the three this time last week.

The most important aspect of this scenario–my vision–is a work in progress.  The cataract surgery has achieved the desired goal. Increased clarity of color became evident after a few days.  It’s a miracle!

The cornea transplant benefits are more gradual. I have a very skilled doctor, and the surgery went well. He tells me that I will notice maximum visual benefits at about two months, or possibly three. I smile as I write this because I’m imagining how I would have been climbing the walls if I’d had this surgery in my middle age. I have much more patience now. I see differences almost daily and am confident I will reach the desired peak in a timely fashion. And in the end the result should be a major improvement.

I’m happy that I’ve been able to take care of myself the entire time except for needing a driver the first few days. I have discovered anew how generous and kind family and friends are. They have brought me food and sent cards.  Some have texted or emailed.  Some have called. Four different people took me for  birthday lunches, to all my favorite places. I am a lucky woman.

Moving along to the funnies part of this post. I love jamiedouglasillustration.com.  Many months ago I was searching the net for a bluebird of happiness. I came upon the illustration below.  It’s aptly named The Disillusioned Bluebird of Happiness. At the time, I contacted Jamie and asked if I could include it in one of my posts. He said I could as long as I gave him credit. In the meantime I lost my train of thought as to the bluebird and went on to other posts. But I saved this picture and I look at it from time to time because  it always makes me giggle. Thank you, Jamie, for entertaining me. Your illustrations remind me to hone my sense of humor and not to take life too seriously.  Other readers, check out Jamie’s blog.  You’ll be glad you did.Disillusioned-Bluebird-of-Happiness-38

One last thing to my favorite bloggers.  For some reason many of your email blog reminders have been sent to my Spam folder.  I don’t know why but am correcting those errors. Apparently it’s been going on for a while–maybe since I got my new computer. Aaaaargh!!


15 thoughts on “Updates, discoveries and funnies.

  1. I like what you said about patience! It’s true for me also, that in my younger years if things didn’t move or improve quickly, I was indeed more impatient than I am today. Time seems to take on a different dimension as I get older. 🙂 I’m very please to learn that you are doing so well, and that your eye surgery has been so successful. And that Bluebird–that’s a treasure! 🙂


    • I’m glad you like my bluebird. I think I’ll check and see if I can get a framable print.

      The patience thing almost puzzles me some times. Of course I’m happy about it too. Maybe it’s one of the many gifts of being a grandmother.


  2. I hope that your eye continues to improve and also that (at least in your dreams) you have reached a state of peace with your ex.
    LOVE to blue-bird….. and that is the issue behind most of our pain, isn’t it… we did not sign up for all this.


  3. It’s great that your eyesight has improved that much that you can write beautiful posts like this. I very much liked reading this post. May you soon be seeing better and better. How wonderful you can trust you eye surgeon to do good things for you. In ten days from now my hubby has to undergo his cataract surgery, just one eye. I hope all goes well.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Uta. And please tell Peter I wish him well with his surgery. I think he will be delighted to see clearly again. Most doctors who perform cataract surgery are quite good at it because they do so many of them.


  4. Pat, my hubby and I both had eye surgery and it was remarkable at the improvement in our vision! Modern technology is so awesome; long ago things like that weren’t possible. You’re right on about caring people; family and friends…the best. Love the bluebird…my favorites! Hope you continue improving!


  5. Aren’t eyes marvellous? And eye surgery … thank God for good eye surgeons! I’m so pleased for you, Pat. A new lease of life. (And the bluebird is so authentic!)


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