It’s snowing in the South.

I slept in this morning.  When I went to bed last night the snow had stopped but was predicted to restart at about 3:00 a.m.  It didn’t happen.  The wistful little girl in me felt a wave of disappointment.

photo-12 At ten o’clock this morning I was having a second cup of coffee when the world was suddenly quiet and I knew the snow was back.  All was right with the world. What is it about snow that calms all my beasts?

Even though I know this one is supposed to be a doozy and I will probably consider the snow itself to be a beast if it stays around long, for today I am serene and relaxed and happy.  And I love the snow.

It snowed for a long time yesterday but the accumulation was not significant because the ground temperature was warm.  That is not the case today.  Within a half hour of starting up again the street in front of my house was well covered. It’s supposed to continue for hours.

I’m on the line of the front that is expected to get freezing rain on top of snow.  I won’t likely enjoy that. photo-13 That’s when the greatest risk of losing power exists.  I’m a fickle snow adorer.  I want my snow with all my modern conveniences at hand.

My photos look as if they are black and white.  I like the look.  But I didn’t photo shop. The day is that gray. If you look closely you can see some hardy children trying to sled in their yard.

I won’t enumerate all the difficulties of being without power.  You know what they are.  I am fortunate to have gas logs.  That means I can stay warm. And Lulu the cat helps with that.  She’s also good company.  Well, most of the time.

Now I think I will bake some oatmeal muffins so I can have breakfast if the power goes down.

How’s the weather where you are?


14 thoughts on “It’s snowing in the South.

  1. Snow is really heavy here and it’s still snowing. I need to find my wistful little girl ’cause my real self remembers too many winters in WI. And too much snow. I have no need to go anywhere but the snow makes the roads here impassable so I feel trapped. We have plenty of food, books, movies and a generator but I still feel trapped. Gotta work on that. Perhaps I’ll take a walk tomorrow and find my little girl self.


    • Hi C. Hope you aren’t too cabin feverish. Our street is a mess. There’s a heavy layer of ice on top of snow because of yesterday’s melting and refreezing. Not safe for walking either. Today I don’t like the snow so much. 🙂 Yesterday the high temp was low 40s. Should get higher today. Melting should be fairly rapid. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself. Take care.


  2. Our snow/ice is gone today…we’ve sunshine! Had a call from friends in Wisconsin ~ neighbors when we lived there. We ice-fished on Lake Winnebago together; they reported the ice on the lake is 30″ thick now…and they’re staying inside to keep warm. Very cold there!


    • Hi Vasca. Our storm has ended but it will be a while before the roads are totally cleared. As I mentioned to someone else, this is the hard part for me. I get a bit of cabin fever.

      NCMountainWoman in a comment above is an old friend (since we were 10) who used to live in Wisconsin. She’s told me all about the winters there. They retired back to NC and now they’re getting all manner of snow here. She doesn’t like it very much.


    • Do take care. Of all the weather disasters, I think flooding is the worst. It quickly becomes a sanitation nightmare.

      I’ve been watching news about the flooding there. They keep showing the “bird’s eye view” and I’m horrified. I remember the devastation of flooding when we were living in the mountains. We had two “hundred-year” floods seven days apart. Many people were never able to reclaim their homes.

      I’m thinking good thoughts for you. xoxo


  3. The snow in front of my mother’s window as she lay dying in a hospital bed in Germany had a very calming effect on me . . .
    I live in Australia not far from Sydney. It is summer here now. However it never snows here. In winter it snows only in the mountains quite some distance away from us.
    In the news we heard recently one morning in Berlin the city was in turmoil. They had hundreds and hundreds of accidents because of frozen over rain on the streets. So be careful, Pat, when you go out that you do not slip on the ice! I hope your electricity won’t be cut off. It is a nuisance when you have to worry about such a thing.


    • Hi Uta. Today I might envy your summer a little. Our big snow storm is over but the roads are really bad. This is when I start to get a little cabin fever. It isn’t even safe for me to go walking as there’s a crust of ice on top of the snow. I never lost electricity. I’m grateful for that.

      I guess I’m not surprised that snow calms you, too. You must miss the snow sometimes. I imagine you got a lot of it in Germany.


      • In my memory, Pat, in Berlin we did get snow only every few years. It was different when we lived during the bomb raids a bit further outside of Berlin in the country. Much, much snow there in winter!
        Be careful you don’t slip on the ice, Pat. Glad you haven’t lost electricity.


  4. I would love a little snow, but I can’t really complain about the weather here: sunny, warm (but not hot) and perfect to be walking in . . . not that I’d extend my readwalking habit to read texting! *cough*


    • Hi Deb. I’m chuckling about your readwalking habit. If anyone had told me two or three years ago that I would be addicted to texting and other techno habits, I would have laughed. I have discovered, though, that my many grandchildren will respond to a text like nothing else. Reason enough to be a texting grammy.

      My best friend has a son who lives in LA. She visits often, I think because of the lovely weather. In fact, she kinda rubs it in sometimes when she’s there.

      Hope you’re doing well. Love hearing from you.


  5. Pat I love the snow. It seems that everywhere has it apart from Inverness – how odd! Your oatmeal muffins sound grand. Wish I lived closer and I could wangle an invite for breakfast 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful snow, keep warm and treasure the peace it brings. I always think with fresh snow the world looks just that little bit more beautiful – nature’s bling!


    • Nature’s bling indeed. I’m glad to know that you love snow, too.

      I was talking with my daughter recently about lovely people we’ve met in “blogland.” You, of course, are one of the lovelies I was referring to. I told her I was sure I could go to Inverness and call on you and we would start to chat as if we’ve always known each other. In other words, I also wish you were nearby so we could share muffins and conversation.


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