“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ~ PB Shelley

photo(12)‘Tis a month before the month of May, and the spring comes slowly up this way. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing a spring pictorial post based on my strolls through the neighborhood.  Suddenly winter came screaming back like a lover scorned, taking the wind out of my sails and lashing it against my face with its cold rain.  As I wrapped my scarf around my neck against the renewed chill, I was feeling more than a little demoralized.

Today there’s still a chill in the air but the sun is out and it cheers me.  I heard from a friend photo(20)in the Blue Ridge that there are four inches of snow and it’s still snowing in the NC mountains.  I’ve decided it’s the perfect day to publish spring photos.  At the top of the page and to the right are shots of my Bradford pear tree.  The pear trees are among the first to blossom every year.  They are everywhere in my city and even though I don’t like the smell of the flowers, I love the sight of them.

photo(17)My daffys bloom even before the pear trees.  Every spring I welcome them with great joy.  I’ve seen them many times peeking defiantly through the snow in their golden glory.

It’s daffodil time, so the robins all cry, For the sun’s a big daffodil up in the sky… ~ Clinton Scollard

photo(6)I suppose the least appealing aspect of spring is the greening of my lawn weeds.  Some of you may remember that I don’t really have grass in my yard, I have mostly weeds.  Sometimes the weeds bloom.  If you look closely you may be able to see tiny yellow flowers.  This means, of course, that I will soon have to mow.  It also means that those obnoxious, pushy lawn company employees will start trying to get me to sign a contract allowing them to put all manner of chemicals on my space.  I’m not biting.

photo(10)Even rosemary is flowering in my herb garden.

As for rosemary, I let it run all over my garden walls, not only because my bees love it but because it is the herb sacred to remembrance and to friendship... ~ Sir Thomas More

Rosemary is used as a decorative plant in gardens and has many culinary and medical uses.  The plant is said to improve the memory.  The leaves are used to flavor various foodsWikipedia  Simon and Garfunkel sang about it.

photo(11)Easter comes early this spring.  I have my welcome banner out for the grandchildren (and their parents, of course) who will grace my home with their presence Sunday afternoon.  We always have a grand time eating, hunting for eggs, and bartering with a cousin or a sibling for one more of those yummy caramel eggs.  photo(18)

To all my friends who celebrate Easter, I wish you joy and love and peace.

To all my friends who don’t celebrate Easter, I wish you joy and love and peace.

Awake, thou wintry earth–                                 Fling off thy sadness!                                         Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth                          Your ancient gladness! ~ Thomas Blackburn


14 thoughts on ““If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ~ PB Shelley

  1. It is autumn here in Australia. After a glorious summer, it decided to bring on winter early and rain. Now it has been back to summer for a week, with hot days and balmy nights.
    Taking advantage of it while I can.

    Glad to see the spring emerging over your side of the world.


  2. **As for rosemary, I let it run all over my garden walls, not only because my bees love it but because it is the herb sacred to remembrance and to friendship**… ~ Sir Thomas More

    L O V E L Y.

    Happy Easter. LIFE! Resurrection of GREEN & GOD! Xxxx


  3. Have a very lovely time with your family, Pat, on Easter Sunday. I hope the sun is going to shine for you for your egg hunting with the children. Lovely photos: Very beautiful in anticipation of Easter. Thanks for sharing.


      • Peter and I had recently a few health problems mainly due to old age, I think. But we’re all right now and looking forward to Easter celebrations with the family. Best wishes and good hunting of eggs where ever it’s going to be! Uta


  4. I’ve been missing your posts and It’s SO good to have you back, weeds or no weeds. lol. I predict that we will be complaining about the heat and humidity in less than a month but the spring is totally welcome now. Another great post.


  5. A happy and blessed Easter to you, Pat. We, too, are shivering in the snow and icy winds, but yesterday’s weather forecast said we could expect a “potentially decent Easter” – fingers crossed!
    So far, the snow is hiding the weeds!


    • Thanks, Cat. It’s good to hear from you. It looks as if we will have sun here until Sunday, then rain again. We may have to hide eggs in the house. In the mountains where I grew up we used to have to hide them in the snow some years. The colors ran in the snow. I remember thinking it was pretty.


  6. How nice to see a post from you. Spring seems a bit odd over here too. A lot of the country has been buried under snow, and scarves are the ‘must-have’ dress item of the day. still, I look forward to the real Spring when it arrives, and I love to see the new blooms, though not weeds, sprouting up everywhere


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