Sandy wreaks havoc.

The cost of the storm is incalculable… ~ NJ Governor Chris Christie

Some have called her Frankenstorm.  She was a monster for sure.  It seemed to me she came out of nowhere.  Families were living their lives — sometimes limping along, sometimes soaring gleefully.  Doing what people and families do.

Suddenly, with little warning, she descended and created chaos.  She zeroed in on a specific site with no concern, no compassion, for the resulting far-reaching damage she would cause on her way in.

Who could ever have imagined the extent of destruction a big puff of hot air would generate?

And now, in the wake of the storm, it’s impossible to know how many lives have been forever damaged.  Many.  That we know.

Ah, but we are a resilient bunch, we humans.  We immediately begin the clean-up.  We pick up the pieces, and when they no longer fit, we put them in a pile with other items that don’t fit, and we make a new something that will help us on our way.  In the process, we start to mend not only our lives, but those of the family and friends around us.

One day the sun shines again.  The stench is gone.  The broken parts are repaired or recycled or discarded.  We start to sing.  We smile at a stranger.  There’s a bit of a spring in our step.  We are pleased with how much we like the new, reconstructed version.

Today, my heart aches for all whose lives have been forever altered, against their will, by this monster storm.  May your recovery be rapid.  May you have the hope that will keep you on an upward path.  May the sun shine upon your face.  May your god carry you when you need to be carried.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;                                                                     Man never Is, but always To be blest:                                                                              The soul, uneasy and confin’d from home,                                                                   Rests and expatiates in a life to come.                                                                                ~ Alexander Pope


10 thoughts on “Sandy wreaks havoc.

    • Hi Susannah. I heard on the news earlier about the little boys. So sad. I just came from a long walk in the neighborhood here in suburbia, and I counted my blessings with every step. That, and said prayers for the storm victims and others on my radar right now.

      We were hit hard by Hugo years ago, even this far inland, but we didn’t have to deal with the water. I can’t begin to imagine dealing with the flooding. Even after the water recedes, there’s still the stench and mold and all manner of evil bacteria. It makes me feel helpless to help out. All I can do is say a prayer and send a small check. But I mustn’t forget that a lot of small checks add up.

      Thanks for reading. Stay safe.


      • Oh yes indeed Pat. If we all send small checks they do add up. Thanks for this post. We feel helpless on the other side of the world, even though we have had our share of heartbreak with earthquakes etc over the past couple of year. But the devastation shown on TV looks horrendous – just like a war zone. Revives memories of when I was a very little girl and the effects of the bombing on London.
        Glad you are OK. Take care.


  1. I really loved this. When I tell you, being in New York, some of the stories I’ve read and heard it’s more than heartbreaking. So many people still don’t have lights or water and forget those who completely lost their homes. It’s stunning. But as you say, we rebuild like ants, piece by piece. I loved the Pope quote, it was a very positive piece. Thank you.


  2. I’ve been watching it on the news – it’s staggering. It got me thinking though. Yes there is chaos and destruction but, as you highlighted, we find ways to cope. If there is anything lovely that can come out of such an event it’s that communities reform, regroup and tackle things together. That’s got to be a huge positive in a time of many negatives.


    • Exactly right, Jacqueline. It’s hard to watch, knowing how long the clean-up will take, but the human spirit is inspiring. It’s remarkable how communities come together in a crisis.


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