A perfect day.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. ~ Vince Lombardi

I seem to get philosophical when I do yard work, especially as I mow the lawn, or in today’s case, as I mow the hay.  I’m pretty sure there’s enough to bale.  Or there will be when the job is finished.  I’m taking a break to let the battery recharge.  Mine and the one that goes in the lawn mower, she says with a grin.

Some aspects of maintaining a house and lawn try both my body and my soul.  More often my body, I guess.  That’s what I was thinking as I moved the hammock off the grass and back under the pine trees.  When the children are here they pull it down on the grass because it’s more level there.  They never remember to pull it back up.  Maybe it’s too difficult since it’s uphill.  I would never scold them for it.  It isn’t that important — until I try to heave-ho by myself.  I slowly move one end at a time until I get it out of the path of the lawnmower.  It’s heavier than it looks.

Actually, the hammock belonged to my ex.  I bought it for him for a birthday or some other occasion.  I don’t remember.  I suppose I should have left it for him when I moved my furniture, etc., from our house, but I didn’t.  I never once saw him relax in it.  The children loved it from day one.  I took it for them.  I knew they would enjoy it.  And they have.

I was upset that I was having to move by myself when half the “stuff” was his and I had to go through every room and mark what was going with me and what stayed for him to move later.  It was the hardest job, physically and emotionally, I had ever tried to do.  I wasn’t feeling very kindly toward D.  He should have been there to help.  He wasn’t.

I think it may have been that day when I really understood what a coward he became once he decided to end the marriage.  He either couldn’t or wouldn’t face me.  He fled.  Ran away.  I suppose the fact that I can still get angry at him helps to assuage my guilt for taking some things that weren’t mine to take.  Actually, he can have the hammock now if he wants to come and get it.  I don’t deliver.

Hey!  Where the hell did my perfect day go?  Maybe it just went from perfect to excellent, but I’ll take excellent.  Excellent is good.

So why is today an excellent, if not perfect, day?  Because I stand on the deck and look beyond the pergola at the blue sky.  I work in the yard in ideal weather — sunny with a high temperature of about 68 degrees.  I’m happy outdoors.

Though it’s sometimes a challenge, I am physically able to care for my lawn and house.  I’m grateful for that.

I’m able to take out small pieces of sadness and/or anger-inducing aspects of my past, but I no longer have a need to wallow in any of it.  It is what it is.  It’s part of who I am today.  I have more happy days than sad ones, I think.

Today is one of the happy ones.  An excellent day.

So…how’s your day?



14 thoughts on “A perfect day.

  1. I like the way you manage to find great things in the simplest days Pat, it’s always an inspiration. And a reminder to look forward, as I’ve had a very up and down day about things that aren’t worth wasting energy on. 🙂 x


  2. You really do paint the pictures for me Pat. And I am so glad that you are moving on. I can’t imagine what it does to oneself when one’s husband moves out. But hey, as the song says I am woman watch me grow” and you are certainly growing, Enjoy being you!


  3. I love being outside in those kind of temperatures. Its funny how looking round the place and viewing objects can revive ghosts from our past. We all have them. It goes with the territory. What is nice is your grandkids and the view and that lovely blue sky. You have more happy days than sad ones and thats a thought I will take aways with me. I’m glad for you


  4. Thank you, Susannah. I always hope I’m able to “paint” an image. It’s good to hear that you saw it. I think the emotional wounds will always be with me but I’m constantly learning how to react to them in a more positive way. (Giggle) I do have a hammock, don’t I?


  5. You write so well. I saw everything: the yard, you caring for it, that hammock that you should keep. It’s very healthy to have your feelings especially when they can be flushed out and let go the way you were able to do. Emotional wounds run deep but look at you, you are such a happy, independent lady with her own hammock. I appreciate your candor – very brave of you.


  6. Over the years, my husband bought most of our ‘stuff’; where as I paid for the electricity and telephone bills. Then after the separation he started claiming the stuff as his …….’now hang on a minute’………
    In the end I let most of it go. When you have lost trust and honesty, ‘stuff’ loses its meaning.
    Still, I ended up with the house. There is therefore the odd occasion when something left behind triggers some memory …. good or bad….. and throws me back into the past.
    Like you, I have now reached a point where I can prevent the ‘wallowing’ in sadness frame of mind, but still the thoughts of the past on these occasions haunts the perfectness of the day.
    Yes, excellent is a good achievement for now. Yes, I too had an excellent weekend. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Hi Elizabeth. I’m glad you had a good day too.
      I’m surprised at how often those little thoughts and triggers pop up. I probably have a teary moment just about every day. And I guess that’s okay as long as I don’t let it overwhelm me. I’ve definitely come a long way.
      Thanks for your comments.


  7. My day has been wonderful as well. Mowed the grass but with no sweat like in the summer and no need to edge and trim. Took B for a walk and am in for the night. Thinking about a long bath with bubbles and a book and then putting on relaxing jams for the rest of the evening. Windows open letting the house air out. Excellent day I would say!!!! Glad you had one as well.


    • Hi Tish! Are you in CLT or CB? Either way, isn’t this glorious weather!? I’m so happy to know your day was excellent, too. BTW, I enjoyed the photos of Portugal on FB. Hope you had a good time. L and D are in Spain right now. I’m a bit jealous, but happy for all of you all the same.


  8. My day has been awesome. Your third to last paragraph (re: not wallowing) made me smile as it mirrors my thoughts today. Acupuncture sure does bring it out!


    • You know, I’ve often been curious about acupuncture. I think I have all kinds of things an acupuncturist could help me with. I won’t list them. Did you say in one of your comments that you were going to do an article on acupuncture? I think I read that. I think that would be terrific. It makes me happy to know you’ve had an awesome day.


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