Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns. ~ George Eliot

Fall is officially here.  The calendar says so.  Here in the flat land of NC the signs are present; a few of them are.  The trees have not started to change yet but the humidity has dropped.  That’s a great relief.  We were expecting 86 degrees today.  That’s still pretty hot for me.  Ahhhh, but the nights are cool.  And early morning is cool enough for a walk around the neighborhood.  What a treat after walking the air-conditioned indoor track for the past two months.

I dug out the autumn flags this afternoon.  I like this one.  I like the idea of Ms. Squirrel storing acorns and nuts in her little home.  I hope she finds enough to make it through the winter.  The  squirrel in this picture reminds me of Miss Suzy the squirrel.  I wonder how many times I read Miss Suzy to my baby girls.

Oh I love to cook, I love to bake, I think I’ll make an acorn cake.

We loved the idea of Miss Suzy, cozy in her wee tree house, baking acorn cakes.  I have to admit, though, that I tasted acorns several times when I was a child.  They were horribly bitter.  Now that I’m older I can’t help thinking how appropriate it is for there to be some nuts that humans don’t like.  It’s nice to know that provision is made for the critters.

In addition to the flags, I also attached my leaf wreath to the front door in honor of this lovely new season.

I haven’t done any research but I often wonder which season is most often chosen as a favorite.  I think it’s spring but I don’t know that.  I like spring, too, but for me it can’t compare to fall.

I’ve thought a great deal about why autumn is so special for me.  When I was a school girl it meant I could go back to school.  I loved school.  And I suspect my love of going back also had to do with escaping a less-than-happy family life.

As a young mother hen I felt as if I were doing a better job of nesting my chickies in the fall.  After a summer of playing outdoors, riding bikes, skating, etc., I had them back under my wing.  That always felt good to me.  And since I loved going back to school, I assumed they did, too.  I think they did.

My ex-husband’s grandmother loved the fall as much as I do.  It was her favorite.  We had that in common; that and our great love for our D.        D  and I were married in October.  He was also fond of that time of year.  Well, he said he was.  I guess it’s true.  We went to the mountains for our honeymoon.  Peak weekend for leaf color.  Beautiful.  It’s hard to realize that it’s been thirty-five years since we tied that knot.  I guess I will always feel sad that the knot loosened and then frayed.  But it is so.

So…the days grow shorter.  The sky gets bluer.  Mums bloom.  Trees have a final spectacular show before beginning their long nap.  The air gets cleaner and crisper.  And I get happier, more relaxed, less stressed.

I’m happy to be nesting again now that I have Lulu.  Lulu’s content too.  I can tell by her calm purring as she lies next to me on the couch. Life is good.

Do you have a favorite season?


16 thoughts on “Autumn.

  1. My name Cynthia, i am 19 year of age, i lost my mother three years ago. Early this year my dad brought a lady to our home who he called his Concordia, unknowingly to me she enchanted my dad with her dark magic and suddenly my dad turned into a change man. He Maltreated me as if i was a slave in his house. Me and the lady has some fight when my dad was not at home, when he returned home that day, he drove my out of the house. My life was full of sorrow because i have no place to turn to so i have to go and live with a friend of my mom. I was introduce to by a very good friend who he helped to restore their relationship. The priest broke the spell she cast on my dad and everything become new again. I will proudly say that is my mentor and savior, i will forever be grateful to his good work.

    Cynthia Armstrong


    • Hi Cynthia. Thank you for reading my blog. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose your mom at such a young age. I glad you found someone to help you through this very rough time. Take care. Good luck.


  2. Autumn is my favorite season, too. To me, it’s always felt like change was sweeping in, gathering up all that’s old and stale and carrying it away to make way for a new year, new plants, new leaves. I love it, and your pictures, which temper some of my autumnal melancholy (now that I live in a place without the wonderful leaf-fall).


    • Hi, Deb. I bet you do miss Oregon’s leaves. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m glad my pictures cheered you.

      I agree with you about the changes autumn brings. It’s a very positive time for me. Some people think it’s an ending, and sad. I like your take on it.


  3. This is so lovely. I love the first painting with all the leaves. Reminds me so much of fall in Connecticut. I hardly every think of what it was like back then so thanks. Autumn is a beginning. I remember new school clothes and notebooks and pencils. Shiny cordovan loafers and knee socks. Halloween was the next great event to look forward to…corn candy, homemade costumes, sculls and pumpkins on every doorstep on the way to school. My mother hanging Agatha the witch from the upstairs landing. She was too glamorous to be a witch but my mother thought otherwise.

    Sweet writing – evocative as you can see. 🙂


    • I enjoy your thoughtful comments, Susannah. I’m glad I could remind you of all the fun back-to-school “stuff.” New pencils and notebooks thrilled me like nothing else. Not surprising that I became a teacher. I also have a rather glamorous witch. I published a picture of her last year. Maybe I will again this year. Now, after reading about your mother’s Agatha, I realize I need to give her a name. I bet the children will help me with that.

      Thanks for reading.


  4. Spring, definitely spring. I also love autumn (now that we are out of WI and autumn no longer heralds months of cold gray winter). The one thing that I dislike about autumn would be the waning number of daylight hours. But the beauty of the season and the migrating birds more than make up for the earlier darkness.


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