Disparate subjects: politics, and a musical cat.

The Democratic National Convention is in town.  The air crackles with excitement.  Okay, maybe that crackle is road rage.

I’m pretty sure Michelle Obama stayed at a hotel a mile and a half from my home last night.  I think that because the streets that form a perimeter around a certain hotel are closed.  The media have warned us for several weeks that traffic patterns will change.  And we all know that those folks are not particularly subtle.  Those changes, of course, cause detours and overcrowding of surrounding routes.  As I move about these next few days I will have to plan my trips a little more carefully than usual.

You might think I’m complaining, but that is not the case.  I am thrilled to have these guests in town.  I think what they/we are doing here is an important part of the American political process.

I considered attending the convention.  I chose not to.  I could have secured a ticket because I worked as a volunteer this summer.  I registered voters in a predominantly Latino neighborhood.  (We aren’t very subtle either.)  I decided instead to watch part of it on television.

Already today I have learned how Jeff Bridges makes a white Russian.  (With a lot of alcohol, by the way.)  To be fair, I also heard him talk at length about his No Kid Hungry project.  Bridges attends both political conventions because he believes strongly, as do I, that hungry children should never be politicized.  I give a resounding “Thank you and keep up the good work!” to Jeff and his children.

Now the other story.

I was in the kitchen recently cleaning the sink when I heard a sweet melodic sound.  I stopped being noisy and listened.  I heard it again.  And again.

The radio, ipod, and television were quiet.  There was no one else in the house.  At least that’s what I hoped.  Just Lulu the awesome cat.  She couldn’t have made that sound.

I dried my hands and tip-toed toward the music.  There was Lulu on the dining room table in a large bowl.  It’s what I call a low bowl because it has a low rim, or side.  I watched quietly.  She didn’t know I was there.  She lifted a front paw and swiped the rim of the bowl.  What a wonderful dulcet sound it made.  She did it again.  Another sweet tone.

Who knew a cat could do something like that?!  When the children were little we had a cat that played the piano, but this is a whole new level of feline musicality.  I tried to take a video so I could maybe enter Lulu in a kitty-cat talent show, but I was too slow.  I’ll try to be ready the next time she plays for me.What did I do for entertainment before Lulu came to stay?


21 thoughts on “Disparate subjects: politics, and a musical cat.

    • Thanks, Deb. I’ve put the bowl away for now. She kept pushing it to close to the edge of the table. I started to imagine it crashing in the middle of the night and scaring me to death. One day I’ll put it out again, keep my camera handy and observe. Maybe I’ll get lucky.


  1. Again Pat, you have made my day with your delightful wit. I love Lulu! Was the piano-playing cat the same one that could talk? Oh, and that table Lulu is sitting on is out-of-this world beautiful.


      • MMMM… do I recall that all of the cats started out as one of your children’s cats? Maybe you should stay away from those kids if you are alergic. heehee


  2. Lulu is a very clever cat. Not only can she do something spectacular but she does it on her own without an audience (or so she thinks). I agree that the whole political spectacular is important but isn’t it nice when something simple and precious stops us in our tracks! Here’s to life and all that it presents us with.


    • Hi Jacqui. WordPress stuck your comment in my spam folder. Don’t know how that happened.

      The small things matter more and more. Lulu is one of the best of the small
      things. Thanks for your comments. Hope you’re well.


    • Well, I watched the convention tonight–on PBS, rather than one of the networks–and I would say, if you were thinking of attending one evening, tonight would have been a good night to do so. I don’t think there were any empty chairs in the hall for someone to talk to… And keep an eye on the Castro boys. They are going to go places.


    • She IS brilliant, isn’t she? I always wanted to be a musician. Who would have thought I’d wind up with a musical cat. I have put the bowl away because she was about to push it off the table. One day I’m going to put it back and stand guard with my camera. Youtube, here we come.


  3. What a lovely story! I think this story has completed my busy day. I also enjoyed your take on having the Convention in town. It can be somewhat discombobulating to have main travel streets closed for whatever reason, but you know you can probably get down there on Friday, if you just take it easy in the meantime and watch a few speeches on TV. Kudos as well for volunteering to register people who might not otherwise be able to vote. A very important job. Thank you.


      • Yes to both–keeping busy and doing well. I’m sure we’ll have some really hot days again before we get some good sweater weather, but they don’t seem to wring me out like those hot summer days did. so i do get out and do more, but today i’m trying to appease the MRD gods because I forgot to even show my tax guy one of my investment accounts from where I used to work…. and no MRD has been collected from it. It’s going to be extremely pricey–if indeed they don’t throw my delinquent “self” in the pokey. But maybe for tax evasion i can go up to that same place that Martha went–it seemed to be a nice place…. ;o

        Keep your fingers crossed for me. If this works out, maybe I should get a kitty and a large bowl and see what happens. 😉


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