“…and the livin’ is easy.”

I check the time.  It’s 7:30.  I’ve been lying in bed awake for quite some time, seriously considering the possibility of staying here all day.  An overhead fan slowly stirs the air giving the illusion of a lazy afternoon on the plantation where “the livin’ is easy.”  The air conditioning clicks on erasing my fantasy; so I stretch and roll out of bed.

When I was a child I thought that old folks who talked about the weather all the time were boring.  Didn’t they have anything more interesting to talk about?  The perspective of maturity and the reality of our current drought over much of the country give the weather an altogether different slant.

Even though I grew up in a small college town, the majority of the population in my mountain county lived off the land.  Weather is everything to farmers.  Of course they were going to talk about it.  Last night at nine o’clock the temperature at my house was still sitting on 90 degrees.  This kind of heat permeates every aspect of my being.  Of course I’m going to talk about it.

Being hot and sticky all the time causes me to lose patience with the “small stuff” which probably wouldn’t ordinarily bother me.  For example–Mitt Romney in London.  On a good day I would likely shrug, mutter “What an idiot.” and let it go.  Not so last night as I watched the news.  Instead, I had an overwhelming urge to write him a letter, send a text, call him — better yet, go hunt him down and give him my best (worst) nose-to-nose critique.  Lambaste him!  Give him what for!

Alas, another fantasy which must be erased.  I’ll try not to think about Mitt Romney in Israel and Poland.  Let us pray…

Y’all have a good day.  Stay cool.


21 thoughts on ““…and the livin’ is easy.”

  1. I do not do well in the heat either. Makes me have a short fuse too. I actually sleep with a fan on all year long. I like my room really cold when I sleep…along with the white noise. Love it. When we had our power outage a year ago, my first thought was “How am I going to sleep tonight without my fan??” I wasnt worried about the refrigerator not working, nor the TV or computer…just my fan!!! Thank gawd my neighbors threw an extention cord up to my house and hooked me up to their generator. I slept good in case you were worried. 🙂

    I dont watch the news, too depressing. Yeah…I put my blinders on.

    I hope your weather has cooled down.


  2. I think it’s so funny you wanted to hunt down Mitt. It’s like you were trapping in Maine. I like the image of the fan since I too have one of those propelling from the ceiling.
    I rarely watch the news. I’ll read the Times since it seems to have a more sober approach but TV can get in your bones and ruin your day.
    You write beautifully.



  3. ~~~~Hi Sweet Pat,

    Yes, as I was watching the Olympics, they showed Mr. Romney (idiot) in the audience…and I turned to Mr. Liverpool and said, “Are you serious? They let him back in?!”

    What is wrong w/ him?



  4. In Israel though you cannot escape thoughts of the weather or more precisely the heat, humidity and stickiness. On the other hand you could always find yourself on the beach cooling off. Going on vacation?


    • Hi bye2! I’m so happy to hear from you. I’ve missed you. Hope you’re doing well.

      As to the weather–I’m thinking of heading for the hills. It’s much cooler at higher elevations.

      Are you in Israel? Don’t answer if you don’t want. Don’t mean to pry.


  5. Sorry to post twice in a row, but in finding my copy of “Sumertime” I came across another good one for right now – “Stormy Weather.” You might be able to work that one somehow too.


    • LOL. Post as often as you like. I feel sure I can come up with something appropriate for “Stormy Weather.” I’ve lived it for five years now. Not a great way to live but I do love the song.


  6. Taking a totally different twist from other replies – one not at all serious or political. I loved your title and it made me go pull out “Summertime” and play it a dozen times. One of my favorite songs! Enjoyed lunch last week.


  7. As am Englishwoman albeit living in NZ my first reaction to your Mr Romney was “who the hell does he think he is?” and then I thought, well he is fighting (and maybe losing) an uphill battle at home so he takes the opportunity to lambast somebody else about their planning etc. Just goes to prove what I always knew about politicians


    • Hi Judith. I remember that you are English so I realize he probably got under your skin with his comments. He certainly did mine. In general, I don’t like politicians either, but I must say old Mitt scares me more than most. I suspected he would be the Republican nominee so I went against my better instincts and watched some of the debates. His performances there confirmed my suspicions–he’s a dud. Reporters who follow him here keep saying, “He has no
      soul.” I’m starting to agree.


  8. Same here…the heat is unbearable! A friend just sent me a closeup of his car thermometer….110! Yikes!
    I agree with S., you have a way with words. I enjoy reading what you write.


    • Hi Rainey. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I’m glad you’re writing it all out. It’s good therapy. And thanks for reading mine an taking the time to comment. i appreciate it.

      110! Yikes! is right. I don’t know where you are but it sounds similar to
      Charlotte. I’m trying to figure out an escape before July of next year (see note to S above).

      I hope you’re doing well. You have a lot to deal with and I know it’s difficult.


  9. Hey Ms.,
    This was a wonderful post. The first paragraph was wonderfully descriptive, do you write fiction?
    I empathize with your plight! Up here we have had a major heat wave that gave us over two weeks of 35’c plus humidity! It broke about two days ago with a wonderful thunder storm. However, we don’t have air conditioning at all so it is still rather warm in my apartment. It was unbearable for quite a while, we would sit here and sweat!
    I hope you are able to stay cool!
    Tons of love,


    • Hi S, and thank you! No, I don’t write fiction. Well, my ex’s ow says what I write about the divorce, etc., is fiction, but we won’t go there.

      I hope you’re staying cool, too. I have to stay indoors in the air conditioning. That’s very frustrating because I like being outdoors. I’m trying to figure out how to afford a two month vacation to a cool place next July and August. Know anyone with a cabin in the woods of the Great Northwest? 🙂

      Take care, sweet girl. I hope you’re doing well.


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