Home from Peru.

I’m home as of about 3:00 this afternoon.  I’m exhausted.  I haven’t slept since 5:00 yesterday morning.  Here you see my very own photo of Machu Picchu taken with a little point-and-shoot Sony digital.  I have one expression that I used over and over:  “Wow!  Look at that!”  I will share more of my trip later.  Now I’m going to bed.


16 thoughts on “Home from Peru.

  1. What an amazing picture!! Can’t wait to see more! I traveled to Bolivia years ago and would love to go back sometime.


  2. Welcome home! I missed you! 😀
    That is a breathtaking photo and I can’t wait to see more if you are willing to share! 😀
    Best and tons of hugs,
    xoxo – S.


  3. I am glad you are home–after a fabulous trip. You’ll be able to sleep and rest for a couple of days during this holiday weekend, and get renewed and rested for a wonderful summer ahead. If all your photos look as good as this one, I gotta say “props” to Mr. Sony Digital for making a great little point-and-shoot camera for wonderful trip memories. Looking forward to seeing more photos when you finally get your eyes open and your feet on the ground, as it were. Enjoy some easy time off with friends and family and get back soon to your writing and tell us everything!


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