As the mind wanders…

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. ~ Mark Twain

I know there’s such a thing as adult ADD but I’m wondering if it gets worse as we get older.  It seems that I can’t focus very well these days.  I’m getting excited about my upcoming trip so I know that’s a factor but I can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time lately.  What’s going on?  Hell if I know!

If you read my blog even occasionally, you probably know that I’m going to Peru soon.  I’ve been reading until my eyes are bleary.  As you can see by the title of this book, I’m trying to learn as much as possible about Machu Picchu.  A friend who’s going with me on the trip told me about this wonderful read. The moment I heard the title I thought, “Now this guy is funny.”  Happily, I was right about that.  He’s very funny indeed.  It isn’t often that one finds a travel book as entertaining as this one.  Ah, but I’m not writing this post to sell books.

I’m laughing at myself as I try to figure out why I am writing it.  I have found these past two years that if I write it out, whatever it is, I can begin to make sense of what’s going on in my life.  It’s rather like thinking aloud, but in print.  I hope it still works.

Back to Peru.  Most of my life I have wanted to see Machu Picchu.  I saw a photo of it in my Spanish book when I was about fifteen.  I think that explains why I have pored over materials about that particular site.  Now that the trip is coming at me like a downhill snowball, I realize that MP is only a small part of the trip.  It’s time for me to pay attention to Arequipa and Cuzco and the Colca Canyon.  I’m starting to get excited now about the magnificent textiles I’ll see and buy there, as pictured in the top photo.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  A feast for the eyes.  Heavenly to touch.  I’ll have to make some tough decisions.  I can’t buy all of them.

This will be my first journey to the southern hemisphere.  I must say my emotions are all over the map.  (Groan.)  You name it, I’ve felt it over the past few weeks.  I’m elated, nervous, a little scared, very excited–so many things bouncing around–no wonder I can’t concentrate.  I’ll be happy to get on the plane.  Then it’s too late to worry about leaving something behind.  That’s when I’ll let it go and relax.

And so I hope my wandering mind is calming down for the night and a good night’s sleep now that I’ve typed it out of my head.  One more thing I will mention, though, and that is that my grandson DW moved to a new apartment today.  He had stayed with me for the past two weeks while he awaited his “moving-in” day.  A couple of weeks doesn’t sound like enough time to get settled in and I doubt that it was for him, but I became accustomed to having him here and I miss him.  I guess I’ll set the alarm tonight since he’s not here to accidentally set it off.  He was three years old in this photo.  That was twenty years ago.


20 thoughts on “As the mind wanders…

  1. You all will never believe what I found last Saturday. I was at the DC Flea which is a very large and well-stocked “flea” or really an antiques market, held at the Chantilly, VA, Expo every other month and I think in other locations probably every weekend or so. I was strolling the aisles, looking for nothing in particular, and i saw the booth where several children’s books were located. I went in to check some of them out, and finally noticed this one–“Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses and 7 Other Silly Old Rhymes Retold and Illustrated by Nancy Patz.” I remember that little poem from “Singing in the Rain” with Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. So I picked up the book and looked through it, and found “your” poem in there. I was so surprised to see it, and I decided to buy the little book. The woman was having a sale at 30% off–what a deal! Got it for $10. And it’s signed by the author to Doris M. Walters, on April, 1983. It is charmingly illustrated by Ms. Patz, Ms Walters kept the book in wonderful condition, and the dust jacket is in great shape as well.

    But, the biggest reason I bought the book was to have your poem at hand. I’ll write it here–it’s quite short.
    “Sweetie Maguire”
    “Fire! Fire!” said Sweetie Maguire.
    “Where? Where?” said Mrs. O’Hair.
    “Down the street!” said Teenie-Feet.
    “Get some water!” said her daughter.
    “Jump! Jump!” said Mr. Plump.
    “Don’t be silly!” said Willy Nilly.
    “What’s in the cupboard?” said Old Pa Hubbard.
    “A squishy fish,” said Lickitty-Dish.
    “Is that all?” said Mr. Ball.
    “And enough, too!” said Mrs. Chew.
    And . . .

    I probably should have asked the publisher for permission to copy it here–but maybe they’ll be lenient with me….


  2. How lovely you had the chance to spend some time with your grandson. Thanks for showing us what he looked like twenty years ago. I am sure he did grow up to a fine young man.
    Going to Peru with a friend is soooo exciting for you. There’ll be much to write about. Looking forward to your posts. Sorry, I don’t catch up with your posts regularly enough. But I just read your post about the hospital too. I think what you write about sums up pretty much what I think about hospitals too. Thasnks for writing this.


    • Hi Uta. Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with a comment you made recently on another post/site about how difficult it is to keep up with a number of blogs. Once I get behind I can’t catch up with all of them. Often I check “like” to let the writer know I read the post. We do what we can, huh?


  3. I was going to vote for NCmountainwoman’s diagnosis of Excitement! sounds great to me. It’s full of hope, of aniticipation, all positive things. A trip to Peru with a friend sounds like a wonderful positive fun thing to do. and we’ll enjoy it vicariously when you return.


  4. Golly Caroline, you’re sooo organised! 🙂
    Pat, I’m getting excited on your behalf, this sounds like a great trip… enjoy every minute of it and bring back loads of photos…x


  5. Nope. It’s not ADD. It’s excitement…the kind of excitement we “enjoyed” as children. Proves you are still alive with excitement and that’s a wonderful thing. And I’m excited for you.

    Love the quote.


    • Thanks, C. I think you’re right. I started to say I’m “working” on enjoying the excitement but somehow I think that’s the wrong word. “Help us and save us says Mrs. O’Davis!” I heard that in a play years ago. I have no idea which play but it was one JM was in. Okay. I’m getting silly. Talk to you soon.


      • I don’t know about a play, but I remember a little verse,
        “Fire! Fire!” said Mrs. McGuire
        “Where? Where” said Mrs. Ware
        “Down town,” said Mrs. Brown
        “O Lord help us and save us!” said Mrs. O’Davis

        Oh, the minutiae we carry in our heads and important things forget.


  6. So when is take off day? Don’t forget to take spare batteries for your camera, binoculars, and a sponge bag that you can hang up!

    Also put a spare pair of pants in your hand luggage just in case your other luggage decides to arrive late! I also always carry antiseptic hand gel and use before I eat anything when I’m away.

    Last tip: I’ve accumulated lots of different coloured nylon bags in different sizes so I pack clean underwear in one then put dirty clothes in another, socks in one etc etc. makes finding things so much easier

    Have a lovely trip


  7. Oh…so maybe I could have some ADD going on now? I’m sometimes afraid to go out for any time or distance unaccompanied since I may never find the way back, but so far i’ve been lucky. I was out Friday for a long drive from Northern Virginia to Towson MD to the MD Fairgrounds for a Sugarloaf Craft Show–the last of the season for me at least. Now I have to wait until October for the next round of shows. The previous time i drove up there i got off the Baltimore Beltway (not sure they call it that up there) at the wrong exit and found myself out in the suburbs heading toward Frederick. Beautiful, but not where I wanted to go. But this time I think I had better directions–and also the experience of the previous time. It was a great show, the weather was lovely–quite cool, but also sunny, so i had the windows cracked down a bit to cool me off from the sunshine streaming in. I forgot to check the windows when i got home and left the back passenger side window open a bit, and wouldn’t you know it–we had light rain off and on all day today. A neighbor who parked next to me sent me an email message about the window, so I went out to close it. Thank goodness for great neighbors who know who owns which vehicle and then lets them know if something needs attention. I was walking back in to the building when I was worrying about having the Old Timer’s Disease perhaps… but now you’ve given me another option to throw into the mix–ADD. It certainly is Attention Deficit now, and i have to try harder to keep everything on track. At least I hope i’m doing that.

    I know you’ll have a wonderful trip to Peru and i’m glad you are going with a friend. it’s always fun to share those kinds of experiences. You are so fortunate to have family and handsome grandsons who live close enough to be able to spend time with you.

    I hope you’ll have a photo album/diary to share with us on your return from Peru. and those textiles do look gorgeous. Have fun.

    Jan Fanning


    • Hi Jan. Thanks for your comment. I was just making a joke about ADD in an effort to find an excuse for my scattered brain. I’m guessing if we weren’t ADD as children then we’re probably not now but I admit I could be wrong about that. You sound like you’re very busy and I think “busy-ness” can sometimes distract us from whatever we’re trying to focus on.

      Thanks for reading and I will try to post some photos while I’m there. I’m working on getting techno-efficient enough to do that.


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