Happy Easter aka Holidays are more fun with children.

It takes a laundry basket to hold all the eggs.  Inside each egg is one piece of candy, one small toy or one quarter.  Something for everyone.  It’s really fun to watch the children, large and small, barter for something another child has. 

Little S and I love reading about Peter Cottontail, Easter or not, so it’s a special treat to unwrap him at Easter and display him in a prominent spot.  When she’s older, I should give this to her. 

I love the pattern the pergola makes on my Easter tablecloth .

This colorful bunny basket from days-gone-by makes a cheerful statement on the mantel.  I love her cheery smile.

On the left is a basket of “special” treats which all children present have to divvy up.  They must have done it fairly because I didn’t hear one iota of bickering.  Have I mentioned how sweet my grandchildren were this year? 🙂

Notice here that Little S has found lots of eggs.  I think she had quite a bit of help because she’s the youngest.  We had to get her a back-up basket so she could start over.

This last image is my latest “project” which I did for the Spanish service at church.  I posted a photo of it in progress a while back.  Here  is the finished version.   It’s now hanging in the church.  It makes me smile.



I’ve had a lovely day!  I hope you have, too.  Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.


11 thoughts on “Happy Easter aka Holidays are more fun with children.

  1. My granddaughter is now 14 months old, so although she doesn’t understand what holidays are yet, she had a blast with all the activities. I can so relate to your post! Happy Easter!


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