Random thoughts and silly questions.

A man has every season while a woman only has the right to spring.   ~ Jane Fonda

I took this picture this morning from my front porch.  The sky looks like April.  It’s an early spring for sure.  See the Bradford pear tree in full bloom on the left.  If this is early spring can late winter be far behind?  Suffice to say that our heaviest, deepest snows have fallen in March in this part of the country.  Beautiful, hard-to-navigate snows.  Time will tell.

I don’t like American football for a number of reasons, the biggest one being the damage it does to the bodies of the players.  But sometimes a football story catches my eye and my heart.  The Colts have dumped Peyton Manning after years of dedication to the team and the extended team family in Indianapolis.  He cried as he met the press.  Bless you Peyton.  I know exactly how you feel.

Andy Borowitz is an American political satirist.  I love this quote about the Republican primary:  “The only thing that is scarier than Mitt Romney not believing anything he says is Rick Santorum believing everything he says.”  All I can say is “amen,” Andy, and is this the best they can do?

Chely Wright is the first openly gay country music star.  I saw a clip of her appearance on the Ellen show.  She’s a charming young woman.  She has written a book called Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer.  She also has a recording entitled “Like Me” which is a love song to another woman, her partner I think.  You can listen to it here.  The decidedly not silly question, then, is:  Won’t it be nice when gays can be who they are and will no longer have to feel different and ashamed and think there’s something wrong with them?

Somewhere in the New Testament it says we must forgive someone seven times seventy.  (Forgive me if this is not correct. 🙂  I’m relying on memory.)  I’m wondering what that means.  Do we have to forgive one incident that many times?  Or do we have to forgive that many incidents?  Do you forgive easily or is it like pulling teeth?

One last question–What does the Jane Fonda quote at the top of this piece mean?


10 thoughts on “Random thoughts and silly questions.

  1. So true, S. Getting it from my head to my heart is very difficult sometimes.

    I appreciate your response to the Fonda quote. You’ve given me a new perspective. I never thought of it that way. Don’t you hate the way women have historically been called hysterical by men. I feel a post coming on. 🙂

    I’m doing well these days. Hope you are. I am always glad to hear from you and I treasure your opinions on these “ponderings” of mine.


  2. Hmmmm…. Poor Peyton.

    Yes, this is the best republicans can do… Umm… do I need to mention Bush? 😛

    Yes, it will be nice when homosexual, transgendered, bi and every person in between has an environment that is accepting of their nature and personal choices. After all whether we are straight, gay, bi or transgendered, we are all people.

    I am going to go with you have to forgive each transgression seven times seventy times. Mostly because forgiveness is easy to give, but hard to live. By that I mean it is easier to say (sometimes) ‘I forgive you’ than it is to actually forgive in your heart, so it has to be done 490 times before your heart listens to your head.

    In my opinion, the Fonda quote is expressing the commonly believed idea that men can be moody and that is okay, but women have to smile and be perfect hostesses. Or maybe it means that men get to experience a wide range of emotions, one for every season, and women can only show springy emotions or they are just being hysterical.

    Haha, Thanks for the post making me think!
    I hope this note finds you well and happy!
    Tons of love,
    xooxox – S.


  3. I agree with Robin – but not necessarily with the quote itself. We might only have one season, but we can keep extending it if we think young. I hate to admit that I also agree with your political quotation. Bad bad year for Republicans!


    • I like your thinking on the Fonda quote.

      I must admit that a bad year for Republicans is a good year for my. But you know that already. And we’re still friends after all these years. Why can’t Congress be like us?


  4. I love every quote and comment you made! I will have more to say about the forgiveness issue when I have worked out the huge pile of things to forgive that have been dumped on me in the last 2 months….all related to the initial disaster, but complicated by lie piled on lie.
    I think the Jane Fonda quote means that men go from hot to attractive to distinguished and women go from hot to old…unless they continue to look like they are in their 20s – hence the Jane Fonda exercise craze, makeup, etc craze.


    • I agree with your Jane Fonda analysis.

      About forgiveness–an old friend of mine once said that she would forgive and put it away and the next thing she knew the same old issue would pop up again and again and again. Her theory was that we had to forgive the same thing over and over until suddenly one day it was gone, no more to return.

      It seems that the lies are never ending, doesn’t it? I’m surprised at how often a new “old” lie will pop into my head. One that I didn’t recognize as a lie at the time, thus the need to forgive over and over. Good luck, Robin. Here’s a ginormous hug for you! XXX


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