Lazy? Procrastinator? Lazy procrastinator?

I’m lazy.  But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things. ~ Lech Walesa

This bike is a Schwinn Cruiser.  It’s available at Target.  When I recover from my trip to Peru, I think I would like one just like it.

I find it a bit puzzling that the quote above came from Lech Walesa.  He’s a Polish activist.  Since when was he ever lazy?  I wish his “lazy quote” made me feel better about myself but it doesn’t.  He may have had lazy moments but I would never think of applying the adjective to Mr. Walesa based on what I know about him.  His lifetime achievements are many.  I remember that he was constantly in world news in the 70s and 80s.  He was an electrician who became the first President of Poland.  Doesn’t sound very lazy, does he? (Learn more about him here.)

So…am I lazy?  I am, without a doubt, lazy about certain things.  Housekeeping is the bugaboo that constantly reminds me I’m a bit on the indolent side.  I get out the vacuum cleaner as seldom as possible.  I’m allergic to dust (really!) so I don’t like to stir it up.  My blinds haven’t been cleaned since the insurance company sent in a cleaning service after my floors had to be refinished.  That was about three years ago.

I would like to state here that I’m not a total slob.  I clean my kitchen sink and counter tops every morning.  I never told you I was unsanitary.  I also clean and sanitize the toilets and bathroom sinks on a regular basis.  I have some standards.  I even change my sheets from time to time.  Sheet changing makes me chuckle because it reminds me of a friend who, like me, is divorced and living alone.  She said one time that she sleeps on one side of her bed one week and the other side the next week.  That way she gets two weeks between linen changes.  Another friend and I snickered about that because we tend to get two weeks out of ours without switching sides.  Besides, I’m too much of a creature of habit to sleep on that other side.  I wouldn’t be able to read my Nook with the lamp on the wrong side.

At my age I don’t focus on my faults in order to denigrate myself.  Quite the opposite.  I simply like to be realistic about who I am.  And if I had enough money I would be totally comfortable with my inability to make myself do certain housecleaning chores.  I would hire a housekeeper once or twice a month to do the things I hate doing and get on with it.  But alas I cannot.  I have made a list of small goals to accomplish before I head out for my grand adventure and yes, the list includes the dusting and vacuuming.  I intend to come home to a clean house.

I acknowledge that the procrastinator in me is going to keep moving the undesirable jobs to the bottom of the list and I can rationalize why I should do that.  If I dust and vacuum too soon, everything will need more cleaning before I leave.  I can’t have that!  I have things to do, places to go, and people to see.  Important things, places, and people–to me anyway.  Last week, for example, I required most of the week to sew a beautiful, shiny, silky pink dress for my youngest granddaughter.  Then I had to go to her house and see how she liked her new frock.  She loved it.  She even found that she could get it on over her pajamas.  You see I have lots of important do, go, see items on my agenda.

And so back to my original question:  Am I lazy?  (Definition: disinclined to work)  Am I a procrastinator?  (Definition:  one who defers action)  Am I a lazy procrastinator?

What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Lazy? Procrastinator? Lazy procrastinator?

  1. A lazy procrastinator? Seriously? It just sounds to me like you are a normal, sane woman. Anyone enjoying housework is a bit suspicious in my book ;)…
    I mean who would rather vacuum a dust than sewing something silky and shiny?


  2. Quentin Crisp commented that after the first five years, you don’t notice the dust layer getting any thicker. Wish I had the courage to be as blasà about it as he was – but I do agree that prioritizing is what matters. Who ever said on their deathbed, “Oh dear, I haven’t vacuumed today?”? Get off to Peru and enjoy it!


  3. Lazy? Someone who sews a pink silky dress for a granddaughter and then delivers it? Not lazy at all. You are simply better than most at prioritizing what is important in life. Who could argue that watching a little granddaughter dancing around wearing the new dress is not far more important than housework?

    I hate to vacuum and on the occasional rainy day I can Swiffer rather than vacuum. (Swiffer is now a verb, isn’t it?) But when you live in a house with lots of sunshine, hardwood floors, and two Golden Retrievers, you cannot be lazy or a procrastinator. Unless, of course, one is comfortable seeing clumps of gorgeous Golden hair all over the place. Which I am not.

    Oh, and I don’t think that Grammas can purchase the Schwinn Cruiser if they own and use a MacBook, a Nook, and an iPhone. Those bikes are for the old grammas who can’t keep up with modern technology.


  4. My jury is still out on “lazy” but procrastinator? no. deferred action, until a more opportune time. i bought a new 42″ flat screen tv last August–or was that August 2010? no, i think it was 2011. i was not a daily tv watcher before that time because the picture on the very small not flat screen had basic colors of blue and gold… only if i knew the story and could “listen” more than watch. i got things done while “listening.” Now! not only do i have the large and beautiful picture, i have an expanded menu, with a dvr to give me even more pleasure. i have deferred action on everything! I have developed a strong tolerance for piles of things that need to be sorted and donated or thrown out, for spots and splatters in the kitchen that i didn’t notice until i was gargling last night with salt water and looked up to see flecks of something on the ceiling. might have come from when i had a new faucet installed a few months ago. i have a hall closet which desperately needs attention. there is no shortage of things to do here. but that new tv has been not only my downfall, but my window to a much wider world. we are probably not so much “lazy” as “alternatively focused”–how’s that for a better option.


    • I love it! A brand new flat screen is a perfect excuse to defer action. And “defer action” doesn’t carry the negative connotation that procrastinator does. Thanks for helping me out. 🙂 You’re funny, Jan. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  5. One of the things I love about you is that you’re a lazy procratinator! lol. No, you aren’t a lazy procrastinator. You just know what’s important and how to spend your time. Now, as for me, well that’s another story …..


  6. According to my new rules, I don’t find that your are lazy or a procrastinator. Like me, maybe you have decided to spend your time doing things of more value and meaning instead of being a slave to cleaning your house and worrying about things that aren’t worth worrying about. A house is supposed to be a home, not a museum. I used to get anxiety attacks if I didn’t wipe,scrub, dust and organize every inch of my house on a daily basis. I used to also worry about what people thought when they came over to visit, and I would always make sure my house was in tip top shape. Now, I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks, and if someone is going to judge me by the way I keep my home, then they can go you know what themselves…Enjoy your Sunday!


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