Calista Gingrich’s hat, er…hair.

With this post I step outside my comfort zone.  I started this blog by writing about my divorce.  But hey! Wait a minute.  Maybe Calista is right down my alley.  She is after all a poster child for the American OW aka other woman.  When I first heard the news that Newt was going to run for president, I thought,  “Are you kidding?!”  Wasn’t he tarred and feathered a long time ago?  Left the city in shame.  Good luck with that, Newt.  I’m thinking about a snowball’s chance in hell.

As Newt’s publicity increased, I noticed that his third wife Calista was always by his side.  Was she afraid he would cut and run with number four?  So… her ubiquitousness (My spell check doesn’t like that word, but I do.) was the first thing I noticed about her, but once I started to pay attention and realize that The Lizard really would run, I began to notice she was wearing a hat.  Hmmm.  That’s  rather unusual at a political rally.  A baseball cap maybe, but a hat?  It is so unusual that one night during the  newscast I got really close to the TV (I don’t have a giant screen and my eyesight is not what it once was.), and I carefully scrutinized Calista’s hat.  Holy crap!  That little white feather on the left side wasn’t a feather.  It was her hair!  How does she do that?

Now that I know the truth I would like to ask some questions of Calista and/or her hairdresser:  Whose idea was the helmet?  Don’t you know that no one looks good in a helmet, not even football players.  I read somewhere on the internet that your hair must be colored every two weeks so the roots won’t show, and that the cost each time is at least $300.  Is that true?  I also read that your goal is that your hair look exactly the same at every public appearance.  Why?  If it’s ugly today, it will be just as ugly tomorrow.  And in order for it to always look the same, you would have to have a practically full-time hairdresser.  How much exactly is your hair costing you?  And wouldn’t you rather spend it at Tiffany & Co.?  If you didn’t spend so much money on your hair, you wouldn’t have to run up your charge account at that high-dollar store.  This question is for the hairdresser:  What kind of hair glue do you use to make that little hairy feather stay in place?  My bangs keep falling in my face.  And I’m thinking that stuff, whatever it is, would solve my problem.  On second thought, never mind.  I kinda like for my hair to move.

One last thing before I go, I saw a photo of you in a blue suit and you were wearing a very attractive necklace.  It looked like a David Yurman.  Was it?  I don’t think Tiffany carries DY.


27 thoughts on “Calista Gingrich’s hat, er…hair.

  1. I so like this site. And, I also voted for the man and will do so again….the crooked system allows anonymous millions to flow in to keep the RubePulblickins in the race. Today’s job growtrh stats hopefully portend some good will come out of the current mess. WE 99% deserve a chance to catch up with the class warfare of the last 30 yrs acted upon us. T


  2. Hi Cat. Thanks for reading. I think the requirements for running for present are: at least 35 years old, born in USA, and you must have or be able to raise billions of dollars.

    Don’t forget that we citizens of the US did, in fact, elect Obama in 2008. Hopefully we’ll do it again in 2012. I plan to do my part.


  3. As a European, I am fascinated by the kind of people that actually get the chance to run for President of the USA and wonder what kind of criteria the average American citizen expects. From where I’m sitting, Obama looks to be doing a good job at cleaning up messes other people made, and if he isn’t doing it fast enough for some, they might think about just what this all entails. Thanks for your comments – I’m relieved that there is at least one woman in the US with a brain and a sense of humour, and cattiness is one thing I do appreciate!


  4. I try not to look at Gingrich, But your post inspired me to take a look at Calista’s hair. I hit the “mute” button and watched. Wow! I think I once had a doll with molded hair like that. But absent the little curl. Great observation, Pat!


  5. I googled “Calista’s hair” this morning, and your blog came up! Exactly what i was looking for. The other day i think the wind was up a bit, and the back of her hair did not look “solid” as it usually does–it looked like someone needed to come quick and run a smoothing comb across it to bring it back to it’s plastic perfection. But yes, i said last week that it looks like a helmet. So unfortunate…


  6. Tee Hee. I was trying to remember why I had Calista’s hair on my mind. Thank you. You can plant a seed in my pea brain whenever you get a chance. I might not give you credit but I will appreciate it.


  7. Interesting!


    When my kids were little and they had a runny nose and I would take their shirts off over their heads, the snot would get in their hair and the front of their hair would stand straight up. LOL

    Just a thought. ::shrugging shoulders::


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