We shall overcome…

We are not afraid, we are not afraid,     We are not afraid today;                       Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,       We are not afraid today.  ~ One of many verses from “We Shall Overcome”

For a number of years I have been gathering with a small group of womenfolk on Martin Luther King weekend.  We chose this weekend because we were all teachers and we were looking for an extended weekend when we didn’t have to work.  Only one of us is still teaching and the rest of us have either retired or moved on to better-paying jobs.  Statistically we are in step with the general American population in that three of our six are divorced.  That’s actually the reason the one is still teaching.  What she thought her retirement would be was not to be.  The three of us who are divorced were “let go” in almost identical circumstances–our husbands were in their fifties and thought the grass was greener elsewhere.

This year we went to Carolina Beach where we were wined and dined and gently cared for by our gracious and talented host T.  Some people are naturally generous and giving and T is one of those.  Thank you, T.

There were only five of us this year.  One of us was unable to attend because of a tragic loss in her family.  We missed her and discussed her and tried to send her strength with our thoughts.  It’s what we do with each other and for each other.  We try to overcome together the obstacles life deals us, both large and small.

We shall overcome.

Thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr.  And thank you, Joan Baez, for expressing the message so beautifully.


4 thoughts on “We shall overcome…

  1. Ha, it’s funny, I also passed you the 7×7 award last week!
    Like you, I am increasingly finding comfort in the company of my groups of women friend. I have found so much warmth, generosity and support in them, I feel truly blessed.
    Glad you are also surrounded by great friends, and family, including cheeky teenagers 😉


  2. Thank you so much, Sharon. I have not participated in awards before but have decided maybe I was being a curmudgeon and have decided I would like to go for it if I can figure out how to do it. I’m a bit techno-challenged 🙂

    Thank you for your kind comments. I shall try to live up to them.


  3. Support, camaraderie, and tradition..Makes for a special times!

    I received the Versatile Blogger Award and have passed it to you. I so admire you and enjoy your blogs. I just posted it on myoprahlessons.com and I understand you can take it from there to your site. If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and we’ll figure it out. Congratulations, Pat!


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