Christmas weather.

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.   ~ Steve Martin

Monday, December 19–A beautiful sunny day with a beautiful sunny ten-year-old boy.  F and I went shopping for his Christmas present.  He’s at an age where I need his help choosing what he will enjoy.  We spent quite a long time in the toy store while he made his decision.  Granted, it won’t be a surprise but he will be a happy boy all the same.

After all that hard work we needed a snack.  So we walked down to Brueggers Bagels to get F a late lunch.  This is an unusual Brueggers in that it’s housed in the same space as a Caribou Coffee.  While I was waiting in line for bagels, F informed me that Caribou has the best hot chocolate in the world.  I simply couldn’t resist a line like that so I gave him money and he bought hot chocolate while I took care of the food.

As we sat and ate and sipped, he informed me, “I like spending time with you, Grammy.”  (As if those bright blue eyes hadn’t already melted my heart.)  We try to have these outings ever so often but it’s probably not often enough for either of us.  We talked about why we like being together.  We always have lots to talk about and we feel comfortable in each other’s presence.

Tuesday, December 20–Cloudy all day.  Very dark.  A lights-on-in-the-house day.  I absolutely need company on a day like today so I’m glad that I have a standing date with Daughter #1.  (You may already know that I have three daughters and they are numbered by birth order just for convenience.)  Number One and I meet every Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 and visit with each other.  We’ve done this for about two or three months now and I have come to look forward to it immensely.  In fact, I guess I’ve learned to depend on it.

We don’t have an agenda, thus there are no expectations other than spending this bit of time together.  I drive to her house one week and the next she drives to mine.  We talk.  It’s amazing to me how helpful it is to say what’s on my mind and then have her say it back to me as she understands it.  It’s good to have another human being tell me what she thinks I just said, especially when that human is as astute and intuitive as she is.  And I guess I’m not surprised that I generally express myself better in writing.  It helps, doesn’t it, to have time to think it through.

I hope we will continue to have these tete a tete for a very long time.  It’s just good to have my daughter all to myself.  We didn’t get to do this when her children were younger.  I wish I had equal time with Numbers Two and Three.  Maybe one day.

Back to the weather report.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and yes, Christmas Day–rain, rain and more rain.  I try not to project about things such as the weather but sometimes it helps to realize what I will need to do to scare away doom and gloom.  I will be smiling and spreading sunshine as I finish my shopping, make toffee, and complete my crochet/knit Christmas gifts.  And I will seek smiles and sunshine at the same time.  One grandchild and one daughter at a time will carry me through to the other side and to a Merry Christmas.


11 thoughts on “Christmas weather.

  1. Isn’t it great once the kids are adult and you can actually talk with them? Not to them or at them? I love the time I just spent with my son last month. We don’t do as well over the phone when we talk but in person, tete-a-tetes, it’s like we just saw each other. I love him and tell him as ofetn as possible without getting all sickly sweet about it! We’re guys, after all!


  2. Hate you aren’t here at the beach with me. It’s been above average with little rain (we actually are almost a foot behind and could use some) with mostly clear skies. Today is a little cloudy, but I’m guessing all the rain is going to miss us again and the sun is popping in and out. Hope this weather holds until you’re here in 3 weeks. Will be in Charlotte tomorrow so don’t like hearing
    it’s raining.


    • Hi Tish. I wish I’d been there, too. In fact I said something along those lines to Dtr. # 1 in just the last few days. Maybe next year. I think I would really like that if your schedule will accommodate me. Looking forward to January.

      I’m sure you’re in Charlotte by now so you see what I was talking about in this post. I got drenched while shopping today but it’s so warm out that the wet didn’t bother me. By the time I got home my hair and clothes were dry.


  3. On average we have plenty of sunshine here in Australia. This December though most days were quite dark, hardly any sun at all. Very often some rain. When it’s dark like this I like to light the candles for advent. On a dark day it’s very comforting to be surrounded by candle light!

    We’re off to Victoria soon for our beach holiday. Hopefully the sun will come out for this!

    Wishing you Happy Holidays with your Family! Love Uta


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