For boys only.

This is as close to R-Rated as I’ll ever get, I’m sure.  I was/am the proud mother of three daughters.  I don’t know a lot about little boys.  I have questions:  How old is this kid?  At what age do boys start thinking this way?  Has he been reading Dad’s Playboy?

This is another Recycled Paper Greetings card; Jim Benton is the artist.  Thanks, Jim, for making us chuckle, and ponder.


13 thoughts on “For boys only.

  1. My son was in Jr. High when he hung lingerie pages from the Sears catalog on his wall. Obviously his access must have been limited (or he knew which way the household wind blew). Or maybe he just wanted the lingerie?


  2. a little boy i know hid behind the couch with the victoria secret catalog when he was five. i heard him giggling back there and went to see what he was up to. it starts early for some. haha.


  3. Isn’t this interesting, Pat, what Doc came up with in response to your hilarious greeting card? Why am I not surprised that boys respond to pictures like this a certain way? It’s natural, isn’t it? Doc’s boys excluded Mom from the big adventure. Does this show they had some feeling for what may be decent?


  4. I remember one summer we were at the beach, myself, my wife, and our two boys. Ages 8 and 9? They came running up to me all exciting, telling me I had to follow them. Mom was excluded. So, I followed them down the beach to where a young woman was walking along the shore. She was wearing a string bikini, both cheeks just hanging out for all to see. Including my boys. After that day, I had no doubt I was their father.


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