The infamous Schmidt house.

The first time I saw this cartoon I was a teenager.  I have laughed about it for years. It usually comes to mind on Christmas Eve when Santa’s out making his rounds.  Imagine my delight when I found it recently as an American Greetings card.

I’m sure there are young people who don’t know what an outhouse is.  Here’s my favorite definition from a free online dictionary:

outhouse–a small enclosed structure having one or two holes in a seat built over a pit and serving as an outdoor toilet

And that pretty much says it all. 🙂


9 thoughts on “The infamous Schmidt house.

  1. Hi SD. Thanks for your comment. That’s very interesting. I guess I don’t know much about the climate in Australia. I would have thought it was colder in winter.

    In the Blue Ridge mountains where I grew up, outhouses were very common. Not in town, certainly, but “up in the hills.” Often a family’s water source was a spring and, of course, if there is no running water, there’s no indoor bathroom. There are still lots of outhouses in parks and “so-called wilderness areas.”

    If I remember correctly, you’re now in VA. Do you and the girls ever go camping in the mountains? If you do, don’t mention spider bites on the butt. 🙂


  2. Because the climate is kinder, outhouses were very common in Australia for a long time.

    I rented a room in a house owned by good friends that had an outhouse, when I was in my early 20s. The thing in Australia is partly the climate (winter might only go down to 35F-40F, but it still feels c-o-l-d when you’re using an outhouse!) and (b) spiders (nothing speeds up a visit to the outhouse more than knowing your butt may be the target of a deadly spider!).

    Santa has it easy. 🙂


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