Here’s a little cocktail napkin humor for you.  I’m always drawn to silly stuff like this.  Makes me grin.  Now if I can find the drink that goes with it. 🙂

Actually a few more cock-eyed napkins and I won’t need the drink.

Have a good weekend.


7 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. And don’t forget the little boy who, when asked the draw a picture of the first Christmas drew an airplane. When his teacher asked him why he drew Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus in an airplane he replied, “This is the flight to Egypt and the guy in front is Pontius the pilot.” 🙂 I love those napkins as well. Great stocking stuffers or hostess gifts. I have to stop and read them when I’m in gift shops.


  2. Hi Pat!
    Last night we ended up at WOOLWORTHS’ after having been to a great Town Hall performance. We had to wait for half an hour for our bus home. We spent this time doing a bit of shopping: Crusty Entertainer Rolls, a piece of hot roasted chicken for Peter, some liverwurst for me, nectarines, some bananas, and as a special treat Australian grown red currants. We had a delicious supper at home. The chicken had been wrapped up nicely and was still hot when Peter consumed it. We opened a bottle of wine with our meal: Wolf Blass RED LABEL CHARDONNAY 2011. A few weeks ago we bought three bottles of this wine, (Three bottles were on offer for 10 Australian Dollars!) The wine was perfect with our meal! We only had one glass each. So there’s still one glass of it for you!
    The red currants were very tasty. They reminded me of the red currants my grandparents had in their garden.
    Cheers, Uta


    • Woolworths brings back memories. I used to love those stores but I don’t think we have them now. Bankruptcy or some such. Supper sounds great and someone to share it with even better. And thanks for saving a glass of wine for me. How did you know I like Chardonnay? It’s just now Saturday night here and I’m about ready for bed. Went to my granddaughter’s dance recital this afternoon. Fun! She’s five.


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