Happy birthday, Tom Petty and little S.

Most things I worry about never happen anyway. ~ Tom Petty

I stumbled upon the fact that today is Tom Petty’s birthday.  It also happens to be little S’s birthday.  She’s five.  I think Tom’s about sixty-one.  It seems a little strange, even to me, to put the two of them together in the  same post.  I started to wonder whether there’s anything on earth they could have in common other than their birthday.

They’re both blond.  I think they both have a certain disregard for other people’s opinions.  I base that on this photo of little S and on the lyrics of some of Tom’s songs.  They both seem pretty obstinate once they’ve made up their minds about something. “I Won’t Back Down”  The most important thing, though, is the way they both entertain me.  Some days I listen all day to Tom Petty CDs and never grow tired of his music.  Other days I spend all day with S and her dollies and her wonderful five-year-old wit and I never ever get tired of her.  Two totally different types of entertainment, both of them wonderful.  But if I had to choose–I don’t even need to say it; grandchildren always win, hands down.

So…even though today is her real birthday, we will celebrate the occasion on Sunday with a party of family and friends.  She will come to my house on Saturday so we can bake and decorate her birthday cake.  It will probably be the best and prettiest cake ever.  🙂  And the family parties are getting easier.  Well, for me they are.  I think I’m finally reaching that stage where I’m pretty indifferent neutral toward the OW.   I’m striving for harmony these days, in all situations, so why would this one be different from any other?  I have no hate or anger for anyone.  Takes too much energy.  Energy that’s better used for other things like loving on grandchildren.  And art projects.  And friends.  And daughters.

Things have started to pop in “medical-land.”  I have an appointment on Tuesday.  I’ll be glad to get that one under my belt, so to speak.  Life is good.

Here’s another Tom Petty song if you care to listen.  “Learning to Fly”   This is really beautiful.  I dedicate this to you, Caroline!


13 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Tom Petty and little S.

  1. Thank you, Deb. The birthday celebration was delightful. Little S was so happy to have her friends with her that she forgot to open her presents. Now that’s having fun!

    I think in your quest “to fly” you are helping many others to fly as well. You have a wonderful gift with words and a generous spirit.


  2. I love that photo so much! I hope today’s celebration is delightful, and I’m also hopeful that Tuesday’s appointment leads you closer to pain-free days almost every day.

    I love “Learning to Fly.” Also, learning to fly, in a metaphorical sense. I think that’s what these last few years have been for me, actually.


  3. I don’t have a grandchild yet, but it is something I’m really looking forward to. Reading your post reminds me why that is. AS for the OW. Your attitude is a credit to your ability to concentrate on what is precious in your life


  4. I’m in awe of the fact that you can be neutral towards the OW. I cannot believe she’s still around anyway…, and hope she’s thoroughly miserable. Ha. (sorry for my morning bout of immaturity)
    Enjoy baking little S’s cake, and the weekend!
    Ps. Roll on Tuesday, hope you get some answers quickly.


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  6. Little S is so beautiful! I know her cake will be gorgeous, and I won’t comment on the state of your kitchen afterward (lol.) And neutral is a very, very good attitude toward the OW – just look how far you have come. And neutral can be translated as ignore, ignore, ignore.


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