Life goes on…and I’m so sad.

A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand.  Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than those who inhabit the mountain? ~ Kahlil Gibran

It’s very, very hot today.  As I was driving home this afternoon at 5:30 my car thermometer read 100 degrees.  Two hours later and it’s still 95.  I drove out to Lake Norman today to bid farewell to my precious friends R and S and their three daughters J, S and A.  On Monday the movers will pack their belongings in a van and haul them off to the Midwestern US.  I’m sad because I hate thinking of them so far away.

I have written about them before in terms of their wonderful care and support during my divorce.  Not just R and S but the girls, too.  D and I met them when we started attending the church in the mountains where R was pastor.  And we soon discovered S’s Sunday School class.  The class name was The Seekers because most of the people in it were trying to find their way; to figure out just what they (we) did believe.  Both R and S were accepting and non-judgmental and patient about our “spiritual journeys.”  If they hadn’t been, neither D nor I would have lasted long in the church or the class.  They were very clear about what they believed but they never forced it on anyone else.  How could we not love them?  And we knew from the beginning that they loved us too.

So…even though I’m sad, I’m also very happy for them.  They are beginning a grand new adventure with many opportunities to do what they do best–take care of others and guide them along and help them to grow in wisdom and faith.  I pray that they will find the new congregation as loving and giving as they are and that they will receive all the support they could ever hope for as they take on this new and important challenge.  A win-win for all concerned.

To the girls: J–I hope you have the best freshman year any college student can have.  I’m pulling for you.  S and A–Enjoy your new high school.  It sounds wonderful.  Like a place I would have loved to teach back in my teaching days.  And S, xoxoxo to you since you weren’t home today.

Happy, safe journey to all of you.  Lots of love!


4 thoughts on “Life goes on…and I’m so sad.

  1. It’s really nice that you wish them well in their new place. Friends who have been with you during difficult times get close to you in the ways others don’t and leave a real gap when they leave. Nothing I can say thats of any use , of course, but my heart goes out to you


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