I think it’s gonna rain today.

Human kindness is overflowing,                 And I think it’s going to rain today.                    ~ Randy Newman

11:45 a.m. The weather report promises showers today.  I’m hoping.  We need the rain and I need to stay upstairs in my sewing room and clean.

5:45 p.m.  I’ve always loved rainy summer days.  When I was a child I would lie in my room and read.  I still do that.  But today I’m in one of my organizational frenzies.  This is a large room and all my fabrics and art supplies reside here.  No matter how often I straighten and organize I still can’t find a thing.  I’m beginning to think I need to hire a professional to come in and help me out.  I have figured out that I have too much stuff and I’ve been getting rid of some of it, very slowly.  The closet is fairly roomy but is not organized in a way that makes sense.  So I went out and bought stacking storage bins to put in it.  Of course I need more than I thought.  Another trip to the store.  It’s looking like a pretty good solution.

I started out writing this post in a philosophical mood.  No intention of talking about cleaning and organizing.  Too boring.  I was actually waxing philosophical about rain.  I’ve been thinking about the different effects it can have on my mood.  Or does it?  I started to realize today as I was moving things around that it affects my mood only if my mood is iffy to begin with.  Or if it rains for days on end.

Today started with the sky looking very dark and I was wishing for one of those long, slow nourishing rains.  Didn’t happen.  It was very hot and sunny through the middle hours of the day.  But as you can see by the photo here, a brief and fairly heavy stormy rain blew in this afternoon.  I’ll take it. It wasn’t the kind of rain that encouraged me to get out and walk in it, something I love doing in the summer.  I did go in the back yard after the storm and found a puddle or two for my bare feet.  Didn’t find any mud to squish through my toes, though.  Sweet childhood memories.

I am remembering now a few years ago when two of my granddaughters were little girls.  We were living on the mountaintop then and it was raining hard but there was  no lightening or thunder.  (And no neighbors.)  They asked if they could go outside.  I told them they should take their clothes off first so we wouldn’t have to waste energy drying them.  I can still remember their looks of sheer glee.  It took them about two seconds to strip and hit the grass in the front yard.  They are much too old and sophisticated to do that now but I hope they will always have their memories of how free they felt that summer evening at Grammy and D’s house.


7 thoughts on “I think it’s gonna rain today.

  1. Hey Pat – did you make that list yet?! When sitting on the runway waiting to take off back to Belfast at the weekend the rain was coming down in absolute stair rods as we say here. Really, really heavy – I was a little worried about the wisdom of planes taking off and landing in such a downpour. Survived fine and it was interesting to land in less rain in Belfast than where I took off from – this happens rarely in Ireland! Strangely though I do love the rain – it is the constant grey cloud cover that I think affects my mood. The freedom of childhood yes – we surely are all too soon grown up! On the other hand…there is absolutely no reason why you can’t dance naked in the rain now – put that on your list!!


    • LOL. Last part first, Penny. I keep wondering why I didn’t dance naked in the rain when I lived on the mountain and no one could see me. I’m not likely to do anything of the sort here in suburbia.

      As to the list. I’m working on it. I’ve actually gone so far as to start watching some cheap flights online and I’m trying to convince myself to be spontaneous enough to grab a ticket to SOMEWHERE and take off. They don’t give you much time to decide and get ready to go. And why not?!

      I’m glad your flight was uneventful. I’ve flown in some pretty scary storms. Feels good to land, doesn’t it?


  2. I used to love running around in the rain as a child. And I remember getting soaked to the skin in a downpour with A – wonderful! Warm rain is just fantastic.



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