What was I thinking?

Is it really so difficult to tell a good action from a bad one? ~Mary McCarthy

Have you ever said or done something and then knew almost instantly that you shouldn’t have?  Like my blogger friend who stuck her hand in the mailbox slot to retrieve the mail instead of unlocking the box?  (You know who you are.  And I’m still laughing about that.)  I can mentally hear her saying, What was I thinking?  as she pulled her battered hand out.

I have my share of such incidents.  There’s the time I entered the car wash with the driver’s window open.  It took me about two seconds to get drenched.  What was I thinking?

And there’s the case of Congressman Anthony Weiner who sent pictures of his “weiner” through cyberspace to numerous women.  Yes, he’s married and his wife is three months pregnant.  When the paparazzi asked him what he was thinking, he admitted that he “wasn’t thinking.”  This story gets weirder and funnier.  Weiner’s wife works for Hillary Clinton.  And clueless Anthony called Bill Clinton up to apologize for his actions.  Bill Clinton?!?  What were you thinking, Anthony?

When I was a little girl and went to town with my mother we had a local blind man who played guitar and sang on the street in front of the barber shop with a tin cup at his side, hoping for donations.  We would listen for a bit and then my mom would take my hand and lead me away.  Well, I couldn’t get enough of him.  I think it was because of the music but also because he was blind.  So even though my mom was towing me away, I was still looking back.  She would then say to me, “Don’t stare, Honey, it’s not polite.”  But, Mom, he’s blind.  What was she thinking?  (Note:  The blind man was discovered during the 60s folk revival and now at the age of 87 is still playing and singing and most folks call him a national treasure.)

I am an impulsive type and I often say things I want to take back.  Some of them I am too embarrassed to tell you.  I’ve said before that when I write a post for this blog my fingers take over.  Well the same is true of my tongue when I talk.  Sometimes I wish I had some sort of beep that would sound when I say something stupid or inconsiderate or unkind.  I would like fewer opportunities to say, What was I thinking?  At least when I’m writing I can “save draft” and proofread my work.

Life is good.  Have a good weekend.


7 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. Hi – I’m glad I made you laugh. I am. And it’s my hand that’s still bruised. And yes I am still saying “What was I thinking”! I too wish I had less of them – but hey sometimes they’re funny and that’s just brilliant!


  2. I do the same thing. The real benefit I see is that I’ve always done and said stupid things so my kids won’t recognize if I get dementia in my old age. It will be the same old Mom. Interestingly enough, when I really mess up my last thought prior to the incident was often, “This is probably not a good idea.”


  3. Lol I wish! I’m more of the ‘wish I had said or done blah blah blah’ !! These things are what I love about the film ‘You’ve got mail’ where she can never think what to say ’til too late and he always shoots his mouth off! I’m such a simple soul…


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