“Under African Skies” ~ Paul Simon

In early memory                                                   Mission music                                                        Was ringing ’round my nursery door.          ~ Paul Simon (From Rhythm of the Saints)

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I wrote.  It’s been a busy time for me.  I had the pleasure of an 18-year-old guest in my home for the past three days.  I loved having her here.  She’s an old friend.  I met J when she was six.  Her family took care of me when D left.  I wrote about her mother S a few posts back.  J told me this weekend that when she and her sisters heard that D had left they wanted to go out and buy things to make me feel better.  And they did.  They brought me chocolates from the fancy chocolate shop downtown.  And lotion and bath oil and candles–comfort stuff.  They made me feel special.  And I desperately needed to feel special and loved.

We worked almost the entire time she was here.  J went to Uganda a while back on a mission trip and while there bought yards and yards of beautiful fabric.  She will go away to college at the end of the summer and she wanted to make a coverlet for her dorm room and a large spread for her bed at home.  And we did it!  The purple one above is for the dorm room.  Purple is appropriate since it is a K State color.  It’s made as a quilt with machine quilting grids.  No time to quilt by hand.  The second one, pictured below, is for her queen-sized bed at home.  It is a tied quilt.  I love the strong colors in both of them.  I’m afraid the photo of the second one doesn’t do it justice.  It is many-colored.  Brilliant, shiny colors.  Lovely.  As you can see, the backing is orange.  I have decided I must go to Africa to buy fabric.

I found it interesting this weekend that J had a lot of questions about D.  Natural curiosity, I think.  She told me how much she and her sisters loved him because he would play with them endlessly.  He would sit patiently and let those three little girls do all manner of silly things to his hair and then they would roll on the floor laughing at how ridiculous he looked.  That’s the old good-natured D we all knew and loved.  Where did he go?

Enough of that.  Here’s to J and her new life in college with new friends, new challenges, new fun.  I will miss you little girlfriend.  And I love you.


7 thoughts on ““Under African Skies” ~ Paul Simon

    • Thanks, C. I had so much fun with her. We did take time to play a little. We went over to Blakney Saturday night and ate dinner and listened for a while to an outdoor concert.


  1. Love the quilts – you have been very busy!! And lovely to have someone to stay. I’m glad you’ve had such a lovely week.

    Where did they go, these men who were so fantastic and seemed to care for others so much. It remains a mystery!

    Hugs to you


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