Bits and pieces.

“A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.” ~ Edward de Bono

I feel a little nostalgic this evening.  Saturday nights sometimes have that effect on me.  It’s been a weird day.  I got up at 6:15 this morning, had coffee and breakfast, read for a while and went back to bed for two hours.  I don’t normally wake up that early.  I think it was because I worked in the yard last evening and my allergies kicked up a notch.  I waited until after sundown to go out because the cicadas stop their hum at sundown.  Not much longer with those little critters, I hope.

This afternoon, when the clock approached 6:00 pm, I kept waiting for the rapture.  Then I realized the kook in Texas probably meant 6:00 his time so then I had to wait another hour.  Guess what!  Nothing happened.

This story got me thinking.  I imagine the human race has always had a significant number of weirdos, crazies, kooks or whatever name we choose to call them.  But I’m pretty sure we get more exposure to them than any generation before us because of our technology and the 24-hour news cycle.  And while I’m on a roll, I have to say that 24-hour news is probably the greatest scourge the world has ever seen.  (Way worse than cicadas.)  That nutcase in Texas isn’t news.  But when you’re broadcasting nonstop you’ve got to have something to talk about.

And finally, I’ve had D on my mind today because tomorrow is his birthday.  I don’t imagine it will ever be just another day for me but that’s okay.  And you had to read this far to figure out why I used the Edward de Bono quote above.  The picture of the red rose represents the hundreds of roses D sent me over the years.  Thanks.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Memory.


4 thoughts on “Bits and pieces.

  1. This is very touching. I have long found weekends a bit unsettling. Well since being single I mean (!) but had thought I had sort of got a new rhythm to mine and yet last night I too felt a bit nostalgic and I had no birthday like you to be thinking of. Very generous post Pat. And I love Edward De Bono!


    • Thanks, Penny. These nostalgic moments hit out of the blue sometimes. I just try to ride them out knowing things will be better soon.

      I’m not sure I’m generous about D and S. Just practical. Maybe even selfish. If I hold a grudge or go for revenge, it does more harm to me than to them.


  2. I spent a lot of yesterday discussing weekends. Somehow they are the tougher times. I too had a long nostalgic think.

    I hope you manage to do something special for you today. To create a new memory for today.

    Hugs – and loved the quote.


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