Sage in bloom.

“Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage.” ~ Publilius Syrus    

I think ‘old Publi’ just said that it’s impossible for me to ever be thought of as wise.  Why?  Because talk, I must.  Nowadays I do my talking via this blog and if ever a gem of wisdom comes from me, it’s probably an accident.  Yet I keep on talking.  It’s how I sort things out for myself.  Writing is how I ‘think aloud’ these days.

I’m happy to report that Publilius Syrus also said, “Speech is the mirror of the soul.”  (Incidentally, he said a lot.  He’s credited with having written many, many maxims in Latin back in the first century.)  If this second adage is true, then you may be seeing a little of my soul.  Some days you have to look harder than others.  And bearing my soul is not a part of my training.  Quite the opposite is true.  My parents told me not to “air my dirty laundry in public.”  The way I see it divorce is very dirty laundry.  But if we don’t talk about it, do we ever recover?  I don’t want to be stuck in a dirty laundry pile for the rest of my life.  Unfortunately, that does happen to some people.

So I’ll keep on writing.  And I’ll keep on reading your blogs.  I wouldn’t have imagined at my age, that knowing others who are going through the same emotions as I am, would matter.  It does.  And reading how you’re dealing with it is very helpful, too.  Knowing how you are coping halfway around the world and right in my back yard tells me that our problems and emotions are universal and that we are here to assist each other.

Thanks for writing.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for your comments and support.  Hugs to all!  Am I a sage in bloom yet?  LOL.


10 thoughts on “Sage in bloom.

  1. Hi,
    I know I haven’t shared to loss of a divorce, but nonetheless I have enjoyed the honesty of your blog. I have been surfin around it for a few days and I like the soul that is shown.
    Thanks for your insight.


  2. Let it be finally said (like I have that authority) that divorce is not “dirty laundry.” Don’t ever feel that way. I love the person that I have seen “bare her soul” through this blog. Do you think that perhaps “Publilius Syrus” was Ben Franklin in his day? Could there be a reincarnation.?


  3. Me too! I read around a lot of your posts just yesterday and found myself fully absorbed in your story. You are an inspiration because of where you have journeyed to and your ability to bring people along. Sage? Blooming marvellous I’d say.


  4. And thanks so much for yours. I love reading your blog. I love the fact you are out there rooting for me. I love your comments on my blog and I really look forward to reading what you say!!

    Keep on blogging!



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