Duck with chives after dark.

Forgive the title of this piece.  I’m entertaining myself again.  It will probably have no relevance to anything I’ll say here.  Or maybe it will.

Okay, it will.  Why was I in the yard after dark taking pictures of fake ducks standing in the herbs?  Does this mean I have too much time on my hands?  Or am I being creative?  Maybe I’m getting some exercise.  I had to practically lie down to take this shot.  The exercise kicked in when I tried to stand up again.  Whatever the reason, I rather like the resulting photo.  And another thing–why do I need a reason?  I don’t, do I?

Here’s a shot of all three ducks in the chives in the daytime.  You can probably tell that I’m no photographer.  When I started to blog I went to the camera shop and told the young man there that I wanted a camera that would fit in my purse.  (And mine’s small!)  I also told him I wanted to point and shoot; I had no interest and no patience for adjusting anything on it.  He took me at my word and sold me this wonderful little Sony Cyber-Shot.  I LOVE it.  So simple and uncomplicated just like me.  I’m having lots of fun and occasionally I get a pretty good shot despite my ineptitude.

As I re-read what I just wrote, I realize that I have often, in the past, taken a too serious approach to many aspects of my life.  Granted, some things are serious matters and have to be treated with care and concern.  I think I came by my serious side with good reason.  I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father and a co-dependent mother.  Life was about survival.  Survival is serious business.  Survival mode served me well as a child and a teenager.  As an adult it does not.  I’m having fun from here on out.  I look for things to laugh about.  I try think of ways to make others laugh, especially my daughters.  Life is fun.  I believe we should enjoy it.  And yes, I think God has a sense of humor.  Otherwise, why would he have allowed Prince Andrew’s daughter to wear that hat in church to the Royal Wedding?


6 thoughts on “Duck with chives after dark.

  1. Love the photo – agreed especially the one in the dark! And as for That Hat…. Everyone here is ridiculing it! Silly girl – someone (and not her mother – who hasn’t got a clue) needs to take her in charge.

    As to the photography I think digital makes it all so much easier. I’ve joined a local camera club and I’m learning loads – I don’t do brilliantly in competitions but I’m having fun learning and I now go out and take pics instead of staying in which is also fun!


  2. LOL! Wasn’t it just surreal? Your photos I think are actually great – especially the one taken in the dark. It just looks like you have woken the duck up and shone a light on it!
    And your title -perfect. It’s funny, one of the aspects of blogging I have been enjoying the most is thinking of photos to take and I use a very little camera too. I used to be quite into photography but since everything has gone digital I’m a beginner again 😦


    • Thanks, Penny. I’m not sure I should admit this, but sometimes I figure out what to write based on what snapshots I have available. Talk about creative writing.



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