Your story matters. Tell it.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

I often hear the statement, “Everyone has a story.”  And I believe it.  Right now I’m wondering what the bird’s story is, based on this photo.  I hang this little bird house in my back yard because I like the pretty copper roof.  I’ve never seen birdie activity in it.  That stuff hanging out is like a big puff-ball of something that looks like the  seed-carrying fluff from dandelions or from cottonwood trees.  It looks as if the bird got interrupted before finishing the nest.  I’ve been watching it today but I haven’t seen any action.  I guess I will never know Birdie’s story.  Too bad.

I used to imagine titles for a would-be story about my mother.  I knew she would never write it but I thought I might.  Actually, I didn’t really intend to write it.  I just had fun making up titles.  Things like Momma Will Suck the Blood Right out of You.  Or Mom’s Picture is in the Dictionary Right Beside Enabler.  Another one is I Don’t Really Think Mom Wanted Children.  You get the idea.

In her defense, I will say that life wasn’t kind to my mother and she wasn’t kind to herself.   But she was kind to me and she was generous with what little she had to give.  She’s been gone for almost two years and now I wish I had asked more questions.  Things only she knew.  I know some pretty heavy-duty things about her that I won’t enumerate here.  I think she is one of those people Maya Angelou is talking about in the quote above.  Her story was a heavy burden.  She managed as well as she could.  And she mothered the best she knew how given the circumstances of her family of origin.

I started to write this evening with the intention of talking about telling my story via this blog.  I tend to wander off task.  My fingers take off as if they have some mission that I don’t know about.  Maybe they do.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, or at least alluded to it.  Writing regularly (more or less) has given me a voice that I never knew I had.  What my divorce took away from me, my writing has given back.  I have regained a sense of who I am.  I never completely lost my sense of humor but it’s with me now stronger than ever.  I love art.  I love music.  I can pursue any and all interests as I see fit.  I love that you are reading my blog and I thank you for that.  Life is good.  (So it says on my many t-shirts.)


8 thoughts on “Your story matters. Tell it.

  1. Great post. Too often grown children cannot get to the place you are. They continue to carry heavy resentment against a parent. Too bad they cannot seem to understand that given all the circumstances and hidden stories in their lives, their mothers did the best they could do.


  2. I can’t wait either! I find it surprising that I sit down to write one thing and whole lot of ‘other stuff’ finds its way into my blog – my sub-conscious mind seems to decide!!

    I did write a story once (actually encouraged by my Ex many years ago). I wrote solidly through one entire holiday. Only two other people in the world have read it and for now that’s the way it’s going to stay (it was all rather too risque for publication!!)


    • I guess all this stuff is bubbling inside us and has to come out. I think it’s great that we have each other to read and support. Keep writing!

      Risque, huh? You? LOL.


  3. We all have a story. I bet you are the hero of your own story and therefore only you can retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change.

    I’m ready to hear your story. Do tell!


  4. Oh that quote is so great. I have been wandering around what feels like all my life feeling I have a story to tell, that needs out and expressed. Bits of it are popping out in my blog and it feels great(need to expand my vocabulary, obviously). And I love reading other’s stories too including yours. Caption for the photo? “Some bastard said the meaning of life was in here – now I’ll have to get my tail in and turn round again. Meow.” Great post!


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