Looking for sunshine on a sunny day.

Jigsaw quilts.

Sometimes I’m sad and I have no idea why.  I have learned to accept when I’m happy.  Not to question.  Just accept it.  Maybe I should do the same when I’m sad.  It’s really hard  not to examine the sadness, though, and try to figure out why.  It’s especially difficult when I’ve done all the usual things to try to cheer myself up and haven’t succeeded.

I know that the weather affects me sometimes.  I’m usually pretty happy on sunny spring-like days.  Like this weekend.  We’ve had glorious sunshine and 70-degree weather for the entire  weekend.  So what’s to be sad about?  I went outside and pulled weeds and did a little spring cleaning in the yard.  I thought it might help to take in some of that sun and light and vitamin D.  Daffodils from my yard.I picked some gorgeous daffodils and put them in my favorite blue vase.  That was yesterday.  Nothing I did seemed to help.  I was still sad.

Today, Sunday, I feel better.  Still a little iffy, but better.  Weekends have been tough ever since D left.  I must say they are, as a rule, not as bad as they once were.  I think I’ve done a pretty darn good job of accepting what is–most of the time.  But when I think about it–and think about it, I must–there has been much to be sad about recently.  I don’t ordinarily worry about things I can’t change.  Like natural disasters.  But it’s been difficult to avoid worrying about nuclear meltdown in Japan and all those unaccounted for people.  And the tsunami headed for our west coast and Hawaii.  And what the Republicans are doing to our country.  And to Wisconsin.

OK.  I think I get it.  I need to watch the news less as I’m coming up on a weekend.  Holy cow!  Talk about depressing.  No wonder I’ve been sad.  Back to the pillowcase dresses tomorrow.  Happy days are on the horizon.


6 thoughts on “Looking for sunshine on a sunny day.

  1. I’m with you on this! Weekends are the tough days. The days when couples are couples. Love your photo. The week is ahead – hope the days are better.

    My thoughts are with you as I know how tough this is. When I have a bad day now I remind myself that several months ago it would have been classed as a good day! So progress is being made! The bad days aren’t as bad as they used to be.


  2. Get rid of the TV! Everybody has a bad day. The trick is to not let that funk define you. Spring is coming. Step by step, inch by inch, you are making your way to a much happier chapter. Just keep on keeping on and you’ll do just fine.


    • Thanks, Broom. I love plays on words. Needless to say, A Broom of Her Own makes me giggle. I think you’re right about the TV. I used to almost never watch TV. Now I watch way too much. There was a time it helped me to keep on keeping on. I think it’s outlived its usefulness.


  3. Wanted to thank you for the info on pillowcase dresses. I’ll make up several this summer. First I want to find some really beautiful pillowcases to transform. Again, this was a terrific idea. As for downer days – we all have them. Lately as I’ve read your post, I’ve found myself thinking that ups and downs are intensified by your divorce for sure, but maybe some of what you feel is normal for any of us. Our age and all our experiences give up perspectives and insight, but sometimes that can work against us. Anyway, always enjoy your post and most of all your pictures. Those daffodils in that colbalt blue vase would be right at home at the beach house. Thinking of all of our girlfriends as I sat outside on the porch a “little while” ago.


    • I think you’re probably right that the ups and downs are normal. It used to be that D was just out of town for business (or, in hindsight, something) and I knew he would be back. It’s just hard to see no end to being alone.


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