Is revenge ever sweet?

Up the driveway and home once upon a time.

“Time!  The corrector when our judgments err.” –Lord Byron.

It is the most natural thing in the world for the wounded party in  a broken relationship to want to exact revenge.  I think that on some level it is probably a good thing to think up ways of getting revenge.  It helps the anger to dissipate.  Notice I said think, not do. I had almost equal parts of hurt and anger.  It was the anger that made me think of ways to get even with D and his lover.  I’m grateful now that I didn’t act on it.  Well, at least not any of the violent, crazy, dangerous things I thought of.  Maybe in some snide, verbal ways I did.  Well, okay, I’m sure I did.  No maybe about it.  I had a long mental list of ways to get even with them, especially her.  After four years, I am just now blaming D at least as much as S.  I just couldn’t make myself believe that he could treat me as badly as he did,  so I blamed her.

Whenever I felt tempted to actually do something horrible to them I would remind myself that it wasn’t up to me to correct someone else.  All I could do was try to change my reaction to them.  I heard and read at every turn that one way or the other justice would be served.  But not by my hand.

When I saw the Lord Byron quote above I understood exactly what it meant.  Time has taken care of it, of D’s horrible errors of judgment.  D is broke.  His business partner has tied the company up in the courts.  The beautiful home in the mountains is apparently going in to foreclosure.  D may have to file for bankruptcy.  Some would call this revenge.  But I would never call it sweet.  It is so very, very sad.


9 thoughts on “Is revenge ever sweet?

  1. Well done you! Just remember “If you want revenge dig two graves first” It’s what’s kept me from being undignified! I love the Byron quote too! I shall add it to my aphorisms page.


    PS AJs comments are always great too!!


  2. Funny or maybe I should better say SAD how we always seem to have more hatred and revenge feelings towards the other woman (who in reality owes us nothing) rather than the husband (who after making vows to us owes us everything).

    I think when we wish revenge on someone (rather than waiting for Karma) its because Karma does not always strike back at the thing we wanted it to. “Karma can be the wisest teacher, the harshest punishment and the most beautiful reward” – although I can see how this does not necessarily feel sweet or anything like Karma at all. It would feel more like Karma or rather Justice not when his business collapses (after all you had no ill wishes for his business) but when the other woman would cheat on the husband and make him feel how you did…” an eye for an eye”.


  3. Karma the great equalizer! Never wish ill fate onto others lest you get caught up in it’s undertow. I’ve seen your comments on Caroline’s Blog (I can survive.) Thought I’d drop by. I think you have a wonderful site, with helpful insight. Be safe, AJ


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