Divorce healers.

Hope this mosaic table will tide me over until Spring.

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents can do.  Grandparents sort of sprinkle star dust over little children.”  —Alex Hailey

I certainly hope that is true.  I often get the feeling that the opposite is so.

Yesterday afternoon I spent several hours with my 9-year-old grandson F.  Every time I get one grandchild to myself I’m amazed anew at the innocence and awe they still have for life.  And at the renewal and hope that I feel for having spent time in their presence.

I picked F up at his bus stop and brought him home with me.  Of course I fed him and let him unwind with a little TV.  But then he wanted to talk and he was happy just to spend time with me.  (Does it get any better than that?)  We talked about everything:  God, siblings, science, mental telepathy, how we all have different gifts, how we should treat others, feelings and so much more.  I’m happy to say that he has a good heart and admirable morals.

He asked me if I wanted to go outside.  I told him it was really cold and asked why he wanted to go out.  His answer:  “Because nobody has walked on any of the snow in your back yard.”  Perfect answer.  How could I refuse?  We bundled up, well, I bundled and he put on a jacket, and we headed out.  We proceeded to step on every square foot of it in about fifteen minutes.  What fun!  I never would have considered doing that on my own and I would have missed all that fresh air and exercise.

I remember this same child about four years ago.  He was even more innocent then.  I had gone to his house to get my “grandchild fix” because I was terribly distraught about the pending divorce.  Try as I might I couldn’t always keep the tears away even in the presence of F and his sisters and cousins.  He was sitting on my lap and saw my tears.  He put his hands on my face and said, “Grammy, are you sad about the divorce?”  I told him I was.  And he told me that D was “very happy” with his new girlfriend.  Then he added, “Why don’t you get a new boyfriend?”  I told him, “I might just do that.”

I still haven’t found one.  But I guess I haven’t looked either.  And I’m doing very well without one.


3 thoughts on “Divorce healers.

  1. As Art Linkletter said,” Kids say the darndest things.” I also think they can say the most profound things. Enjoyed the first story over the weekend, but the last story was the best. Let’s be thinking about that new “boyfriend.”


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