“Love liberates.”–Maya Angelou

Project in progress. This one's for Jack.

1-1-11.  The first day of the year seems an appropriate time to focus on love.  It has been easy these last few years to obsess over my pain, anger, frustration, loneliness.  And I know from experience, my own and my mother’s, that sometimes it’s more comfortable to loll around in misery than to take the required steps to get happy.  I am, however, an optimist at heart.  And despite the fact that I often post about the challenges of being divorced, I am not living in misery.  Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  I believe that and I intend to practice it.

I still have my moments and some are very difficult.  I will continue to write about my divorce and the anger and the betrayal because all of it contributes to who I am today.  And it helps me to get a perspective on who I am and who I would like to be as I get emotionally healthier.

So…what about love?  I’m not talking about romantic love.  Not anymore.  I’m talking about loving the people around me.  I’m talking about loving D and S, his fiancée.  I’m talking about loving that “loser” who doesn’t agree with me politically.  The legal and illegal residents of our country.  And so many more.  Why?  Because they are human beings and children of God.  It doesn’t mean I have to like them all.  It just means I must show them respect and caring simply because they are human beings and we all deserve as much.

I’m not being a Pollyanna.  I’m not naive.  But I have a heart filled with love and I’m gonna let it out.  If you want, think of it as selfish.  The more I love, the more I’m loved.  Win-win.

Happy New Year!


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