“If another woman steals your husband…”

Autumn leaves. I love this time of year.

“If another woman steals your man, the best revenge is to let her keep him.”

I don’t know what wise woman said that but the farther I get from the initial shock of being divorced, the more I agree with her.  In fact I would go a step further and say that it might be the best revenge for both of them.  I’m starting to think that maybe they deserve each other.  After all, she was stupid enough to pursue a married man and he was stupid enough to cheat and lie.  I wrote a quote in my notes recently but I forgot to record where it came from.  Someone said, “A mistress will destroy a man’s life if he loves her and leaves his family, but that love starts with a fracture not a victory.” I don’t know whether that’s true but I suspect it’s pretty accurate.  In other words, their work is cut out for them.  They damaged not just themselves but the lives of many others.  They could have mitigated some of the harm to others if they had taken time to consider their actions and had tried harder to control themselves long enough to give a reasonable adjustment time to the families.

Ultimately they have to live with what they’ve done.  D has always thought of himself as a free bird and “not the marrying type” (his words).  And now he has more chains on than he’s ever had before.  Meanwhile I’m the free bird.  Life is strange indeed.


12 thoughts on ““If another woman steals your husband…”

  1. My husband of twenty years is leaving me for his first cousin! Sick, indeed, but I agree, karma is gonna get them and that will be my revenge!


  2. Hi Sue. Thanks for your comment. I smile as I read your “God” comment. When we’re hurting so badly, we need something, someone to blame. Not to worry, God’s tough and “she” can take it. 🙂


  3. hi my ex of five years left me for someone who lived across the road had a son denied his daughter we had togeather and stillm is with her i still feel angry three years on as my child has lost ba dad


    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for reading my post. This one strikes a chord with everyone who reads it. I understand your anger. My divorce has been final for four years now and I still feel angry some days, but I guess I’d have to say that now I feel mostly sadness. I’m sorry for your pain.


    • Yes, Yes, Yes, I can relate to your story. My ex husband now would love every other woman’s kids but his own. WTH? The gal he left me for many years ago now, now lives in the same apt. as me. They used to live across the parking lot from me years ago in another apt. complex. I hated God for years.


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  5. I know I’m late in posting a comment but I love the quote “If another woman steals your man, the best revenge is to let her keep him” and as hard as it was to see it initially, I totally agree.

    I’m sure they deserve each other…and I’m even more sure that the new relationship is bound to be the fall of both.

    Did you know that: “studies show that only three per cent of the cheating husbands who divorce their wives marry their mistresses, and when they do these marriages have a very high failure rate – between 75 and 90 per cent. Now that’s what I call Karma – or as you said it before, a way for the Universe to balance itself 😉


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