Keep it simple.

I love red flowers. I can't believe my geranium baskets still look this good. That's October in the Sunbelt.

“All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” –Charles M. Schulz

The older I get the more I enjoy the simple things.  A red geranium.  A child’s face or hand.  One little piece of chocolate to savor.  A cup of coffee.  A smile from a stranger.  A hug from an ESL student.  A message from a daughter.  A phone call from a friend.  Music, the universal language.  Fabric.  Yarn.  Crayons.  So many things to love.

I try not to look back with too many regrets.  I think my energy is better spent on positive, now things.  I have learned that if I look forward too much or back at the past too much, I forget to enjoy the now.  It’s taken me a long time to internalize that.  And I don’t always get it right.  But I’m trying.

Is life simpler without my former spouse?  Absolutely.  I wouldn’t have chosen that path but now that I’m on it I recognize it as much simpler than living with another person and feeling as if I have to justify myself on many fronts.  The single life has enabled me to start thinking about simplifying other aspects of my life.  I’m giving away things that I love to people I love.  And I hope that if they get to the point that they want to give them away, they will feel free to do so.  I want very much to give without conditions or strings attached.  I’m cleaning my closet and dresser drawers and will give the things I don’t use to my sister.  She just opened a thrift shop and needs goods to sell.  Once I’ve cleaned enough out of this house I would like to sell it and downsize again.  I will try to wait until the housing market recovers a bit.  And I’m trying hard to avoid buying things I don’t need.  Eventually, if I continue that trend, I won’t have so much to give away/clean up/clear out.  That sounds very appealing to me.

As my daughter said to me in an e-mail a while ago, “We’re ready to move on.  2011 is looking good!”


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